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  • a nurse wearing a garbage bag for protection, pleads with a reporter for his masking gown.

  • I'd like a mass like yours.

  • I'd like all of us that have mass like yours in these white suits like you have.

  • And I have what I have one.

  • What what what is that?

  • She looks like a garbage bag.

  • It happened as CBS This Morning's David Begnaud was reporting from inside the intensive care unit of a Brooklyn hospital, and you have one very fancy stuff.

  • He handed over the protective gear at the nurse, asked floor.

  • She has.

  • I gave mine to sanitized.

  • It delivered.

  • There are disturbing new images emerging from another overcrowded hospital bodies stacked three high in a refrigerated truck.

  • There are grim reports that New York City could begin burying bodies in a public park in temporary graves, trenches that could hold 10 caskets side by side until regular funerals can be held.

  • When the crisis is over, we may well be dealing with temporary burials, so we can then deal with each family later.

  • With the death toll expected to spike in the coming week, the president continues to promote the use of hydroxy claure, Quinn to Tree Cove in 19.

  • If it does help, great.

  • If it doesn't help, we gave it a shot.

  • But Dr Anthony Fauci says the evidence it works is slim.

  • When he was again asked about the drug, the president intervene.

  • 15.

  • Dr.

  • Drew Pinsky, who once said there was a higher chance of being struck by an asteroid than dying of Corona virus, is apologizing today.

  • My early comments about equating Corona virus with influenza were wrong.

  • They were incorrect.

a nurse wearing a garbage bag for protection, pleads with a reporter for his masking gown.


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レポーターは絶望的な看護師に彼の保護マスクを与える (Reporter Gives Desperate Nurse His Protective Mask)

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