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  • despite the harsh conditions.

  • If Parker discovers Feingold in the pen, old Halls Creek could be a viable mining operation.

  • Come on, Come on.

  • Oh, I mean, it's pretty small, and this is still not bad.

  • I think we've done pretty well as we can, considering the conditions for you guys to find that much.

  • Protecting him.

  • Great.

  • Surprised by that?

  • Help out.

  • The conditions are all right.

  • Well, I'm gonna go have a quick chat with Martin.

  • There's definitely some gold here.

  • And he's actually are the pieces of ground that I'm interested in because they're such a harsh environment like nobody would ever have minded.

  • Martin, you gotta buy.

  • Good.

  • How are you?

  • Do bed?

  • How'd you go?

  • We went All right.

  • All right.

  • They found these.

  • I'll be blood.

  • Good.

  • I definitely admire what you have to go through here to get gold out of the ground without water.

  • And with this heat, it's brutal.

  • And given those factors, what we've seen and I don't think this is for us and sure that somebody will come along that could make this work.

  • It's a challenging place to work.

  • Well, I don't know how you do it.

  • Yeah, Yeah, And that works, I guess.

  • The only last thing because I see you have a little bone yard over there.

  • Can we add a trouble to it?

  • All right, take your pocket.

  • No words.

  • It's exceptionally ash.

  • Appear very harsh.

  • I wish Parker all the best and they endeavors around Australia between Bush, far as droughts and now Ryan's, you're gonna have a lot of fun.

  • You've been absolutely absolute diamond.

  • Maybe I've looked after say, Well, Tom, it was one thing after another.

  • This troop definitely took a toll on everyone, unfortunately, remained weighing.

  • Managed to find some gold that Lisa's one positive.

  • The old time has lost three months.

  • I'm impressed.

  • They lost that long.

  • Ready?

  • I've been in some difficult conditions, and this takes the cake.

  • Give me minus 30 or minus 40 any day of the week.

despite the harsh conditions.


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パーカーはホールズクリークを放棄する|ゴールドラッシュ:パーカーの軌跡 (Parker Abandons Halls Creek | Gold Rush: Parker's Trail)

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