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Rihanna is following me.
No, I am following her.
Good morning, folks.
I'm in Paris.
This is my day off and I've got a spa appointment in 40 minutes.
Let me show you how I like to be comfortable and feel like home
when I travel.
The most important thing, don't laugh, is my stuffed animal.
He's pretty old.
His name is Puppy.
But this year I got a new one.
They make me feel homey and cozy and comfortable.
I got these very comfy pyjamas from my sister for Christmas.
We're both Harry Potter fans so thank you, sister.
It's like you're with me.
I also love to watch a little bit of Friends before I start my day.
I going to enjoy a little bit and I'll meet you in a bathroom
so I can show you my skincare routine.
First thing I do when I get out of bed.
I clean up a little.
I like to use the good old Neutrogena makeup remover.
Even though I cleaned my skin before I went to bed, it's one thing I always do.
I love the smell.
Let's begin moisturizing.
I feel like a lot of people don't like the word 'moist'.
Moist, moist, moist.
This is for you.
This is one of my favorite face oil.
It's honey-based and gives a nice texture to the skin.
You see I have a little tattoo behind my ear.
It's a number four.
It actually stands for my family.
It's the four of us, and I just felt like everything around me was four. 
I'm going to do Armani Crema Nera extreme reshape eye serum.
My mum always told me to be very gentle under my eyes.
So you don't get wrinkles so soon.
And now we're on to my makeup, which is also going to be very simple
because I am having a day off but I still want to look pretty. 
I'll just slap on a little bit of the foundation since my skin is very moist.
It's very easy to apply.
I don't use any brushes.
My fingers are my best friends.
Now I'll use concealer.
The next step is the contour.
I learned everything I know about makeup from work.
My recent favorite one is when you actually apply a powder contour,
to draw a number three on your face so you get your jawline, your cheekbones
and a little bit of your forehead. 
There we go.
I'm ready for breakfast now and wow!
Look at my fruit plate.
That's gold. 
When I'm home I usually eat what I make for Dylan. 
He should know how to say in Hungarian "Barbara, you're the best thing that ever happened to me.
This is the most delicious food.  I love you". 
00:03:05,200 --> 00:03:06,179 I'm blushing now. 
I don't have a lot of apps on my phone.
Lately, I've been less active on my social media
and that's because I've stepped back a little bit from it.
So if I post, I don't really use any filter. 
I would just take a selfie and show the realness, show where I am.
Oh hello.
Darling, is that you? 
All right guys. 
I've got to run to the spa,
but when I'm done, I'm going to show you my outfit for today.
All right. I'm back from the spa.
It was so good.
I've got to get ready because I'm going for lunch and I've got to get my hair ready.
Let's see what we've got.
I'm going to go with some kind of jeans.
Maybe I'll just go, I think, with this t-shirt.
I definitely love this.
This looks a little too serious, too much like "Yes, I'm going to college today".
This is a no.
I think I'm going to go with Dylan's jacket.
That will give a rock and roll look that I love.
So now that we've got this, which bag shall I pick?
I don't know.
Should it be Barbara by the Kooples or Barbara by the Pookles?
00:04:24,890 --> 00:04:26,570 I'm going to use one of the colors.
I think I like the green better.
 I think this is it.
This is my final look.
Thank you all.
Thank you Vogue.
Don't forget to subscribe.
This was my morning routine on a day off.
 I love you.


Stay home and spend the morning with Barbara Palvin | Morning Routine | Vogue Paris

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