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  • Oh, wow.

  • Big stuff.

  • This looks significant.

  • This is a big tab.

  • Wow.

  • It's more or less the same you find in your kitchen.

  • Yeah, pretty much.

  • A little bit larger.

  • Yeah.

  • The outlet pipe is the last line of defense to divert disaster.

  • An enormous relief valve for the dam.

  • The end of this long pipe.

  • There's the valve right down there.

  • That's the one.

  • The water ultimately comes out the moment this is.

  • Try waters up to there.

  • Okay, Right.

  • Well, better begin the process.

  • Erica, We're ready.

  • Where do we stand?

  • This happens.

  • Trust me.

  • Here.

  • It's dangerous.

  • Ted.

  • 9876 This is fun.

  • By 4321 190 meters of water pressure bearing down on the water at the bottom, flooring out 20,000 leagues is a second traveling up 50 meters per second.

  • That's the effect of the pressure turned into velocity.

  • And it's all a reminder that because out there one of that that's a solid wall of water.

  • 190.

  • That's an expression of what's happening up there.

  • Wait.

  • A role exerting pressure turned into velocity and you could not see where just heads off into the valley, cleaned all of that off.

  • One you never have to.

  • Just down there and a matter of moments.

  • It built itself with a raging river roaring down the stretch of valley.

  • And that's it, the end of an expression of power.

  • Like I've never seen what I honestly feel like I need a lie down after that.

Oh, wow.


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リチャードは、この巨大なバルブの力を感じています。 (Richard Feels The POWER Of This Huge Valve Pouring Out 20K Litres Per Second | Richard Hammond's Big)

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