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  • Those kids were alive after the explosion.

  • The thing that cost them their lives was the building collapse.

  • Did you ask your steel supply for discount?

  • Did you ask for money off?

  • I would never have endangered safety.

  • I think they're setting up to blame it on our kids.

  • You know something?

  • You helping someone?

  • I tell them I didn't do anything wrong.

  • You need help.

  • You got you and that husband of yours.

  • He has always.

  • You know this company is sitting three building should collapse like that.

  • That's the story here.

  • Accident continues Thursday at nine.

  • On Channel four.

  • Stream the series so far on awful.

Those kids were alive after the explosion.


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事故|新ドラマは続く|木曜午後9時からチャンネル4で放送|これまでのシリーズを全4チャンネルで視聴可能 (The Accident | New Drama Continues | Thursday 9pm on Channel 4 | Stream the Series so far on All 4)

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