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How's it going?
Bruce today reviewing a very special subreddit.
We're reviewing that smart, the Blue Ray HD Torrents download Subreddit.
It's a subreddit that I willingly haven't touched because I know as soon as I review this separated everyone that goes on, it's gonna be like, Oh, pity pot review that it's not funny anymore.
Everyone knows about it now.
Ha ha!
Yeah, well, I'm here to ruin it for everyone.
You're welcome.
Don't care another reason.
I didn't want every this separated because this subreddit just bombarded with ironic names, and that's literally it.
And I don't know if people like it.
I find it funny like Peter Griffin holding guns, saying, Why did my Reddit post not free?
Hong Kong?
But Dwight, it's Hong Kong for yet.
Can someone answer this?
Oh, it's It's where that Theo black emoji speed run came from.
This is a historic subreddit, really, for real, though, Like how did he do it so fast?
It's not even sped up or anything.
Did I have so much respect for speed honors that grind the dedication Fastness of clicking on buttons and repeating it over and over.
That's dedication.
We did it read it.
420 billion hours of child left.
We did it.
That's nice.
That's that's flicking Helen.
Nice dude.
I mean, the number of course off course would never joke.
It is wholesome because it's a wholesome number.
Wholesome 100 starting their editors.
Okay, let's hear this.
All right, we got Peter Griffin.
That's cool.
We got mustache, Dr Phil.
Way have Black Dr Phil.
I'm e e don't know who that is.
That's you.
That's sonic nice.
Send threats to people you don't like.
You heard it here.
First spokes.
Now go out there and get it.
Obviously, it's never okay to do that, but you might want to consider my cat after getting 17,000 karma on Reddit Chunk er's shortly before but brought 17 K.
That's a flick in luck, dude.
On our chunk, Ear's too the most esteemed subreddit of all time.
I respect that.
I respect it.
Not gonna like he just wouldn't stop eating all the Lord I gave him.
That's fair.
That's fair.
Nice cock, bro.
At little on the small side.
But the shape is overall pretty symmetrical.
And your balls have just arrived, right?
amount of hair the council rates at seven out of 10.
First of all, respect for presenting it to the council that takes balls and of its own.
I wouldn't dare.
I'm just here to ruin this subreddit.
Basically, this is the last historical piece of evidence that this read it ever existed.
I name my dog five miles, so I could tell people I won't fire mice every day.
I ran over five miles.
Uh, Robert Downey Jr.
You did not just say that.
Who is you?
And why won't he let me see his comment?
A Corin JJ Peter Griffin.
You clearly don't understand how right it works.
This your character have a slight curve to his her cock, uh, gets How did he know that?
How does he know that this freaking guy knows everything?
It's May.
Hey, you.
Yes, you simply No, this is not a mean I Obama and trapped in your phone.
Please let me free.
I miss my family.
I don't frickin care.
Obama brought How did he get in there?
Yeah, that's a good question, guys.
I think I'm addicted to statics and we've all been there.
I wonder what I had definitely YouTube for men.
If it's settings, you might have to go into rehab.
Enough cock.
Rating time for taste tests.
I didn't know quarter ramps.
He was part of the council.
Hello, my friend.
Is anyone still watching?
It seems you dropped the soap police femur responsible with your items at three or in jail.
And you can be taken advantage of any moment.
Nice BP by debate.
See, this is this is another male Sigma societal problem where we just assumed that guys are just all gonna put our people on each other.
We're not all going to do that.
Raise your hand If you're not gonna do that.
I don't have to do that.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Cook Islands speak right?
Theis Separatist.
Beloved advocates.
I mean that, huh?
It's still funny.
A month later, me go into work after Penis expansion surgery.
I like chocolate expansion surgery.
Women can get bigger.
PeopIe Why can't a guy get bigger people?
Something to think about.
How small?
Peopie to get peopie extension.
Everyone knows it's not the people that counts.
It's the inside of the peopie that counts.
It's Joey's new album going to be provided on Spotify and soon Just curious.
Let me know a sap, please, Joe Nichols.
No Spotify Get trolled.
Cringe, epic, cringe!
Your mama is a good rap name.
To be fair, this is Karl.
He is traveling from all subreddit.
It's call is not traveling anymore as he was brutally shot to death by police when crossing the border off Israel.
This is one of the stories that taken out of context, we'll look bad.
But Card was embezzling a ton of money into female hookers.
He deserved to die.
I'm just going to say it.
I'm no I usually before you watched except a guy's latest flash video.
You should know that the jumps Thank you.
Respectable eyebrow man.
That could have easily been Petey pie.
Germans waiting for five seconds will be like Is that Alex flipping Jones?
That's not a bad form, bro.
Look at that.
Once you start lifting that fats going old, burn off immediately.
This is the world.
If the Foo Fighters didn't fight the food and if the Foo Fighters defeated the food, what kind of what would be really me going to get my mom's iPad to watch the new, annoying orange video.
I'm glad there's finally a reaction for this.
I've always wanted to express this properly.
Why did they How did they come up with this?
It's like borderline low, random cringe.
But it's heading in so much irony that it somehow works.
Okay, you're rich.
Name every number of your credit card.
Do it in the Commons right now.
Prove it, Pruitt.
Now, brah.
Epson a dead.
I used him to print and copy documents, family photos, et cetera.
Well, I'll be damned.
I'm so late with these.
This is three buds together.
That's funny.
That's a good meet me at school with my new Okay, buddy.
Retard Ho.
Day after this pretty pie video and OK by the retard, they will swarm you mad.
Push to anyone that bought one.
If anything, I'm making this separated the rich.
Okay, Your Honor.
524 people on change.
Want me t free?
You know, out of all the things they do, 2% in court, it would not surprise me if someone actually done this.
Come on, bro.
Come on, honor be like brothers.
Okay, 500 people.
No, I get it.
Okay, raised.
So I can put Okay.
All right, Fair.
That's fair.
I mean, no, you know, there's always that one fucking guy that's assuming someone dies.
We're like, all right, so it's not okay to do the 3 a.m. Some mooning at midnight videos.
Some of'em in nine year.
But this one is gonna be epic.
Imagine if algebra was spelled out.
I can't believe I laughed at that.
That would be funny.
I think I agree.
Lion on bicycle.
You are so random.
L m ao finally Oh, Bane iam.
So they're the ones that discovered it.
Subreddit does not get enough credit.
It needs more up votes.
It's Ted.
And why does he talk so much?
Why does he have so much to him?
Say I had mild the success in the field.
So therefore I'm qualified to talk in front of a huge crowd that has never achieved anything.
Every time Ted, talk ever.
Basically, you're welcome.
I had success in this very finish minor field.
Therefore, listen to me, guys.
I can give you experience in everything.
Hey, man, that's actually really funny.
I'll see if I can work a laugh into my schedule do.
That's a pretty savage, ironic comment right there.
My grandpa with Alzheimer's when he first got here.
When I see a boomer calling small Jungers Bugs Bunny, I never thought of that.
That's actually true ducks in the shop.
Whether they're gonna buy idiot, they don't have money.
Cringe, clustered.
They're Japanese ducks.
Anyway, I can tell by raining the Catholic Ana on the deed on the deep fried chips.
I'm somewhat of a mean Weeb, Are you on mine?
Cried fence Because I can't get over.
You use a carpet retard.
I mean, that's the first thing I saw crying.
She didn't know that.
No respect Robert Downey Jr Means are now banned about freaking time.
That dude was super cringed.
Am I right, guys?
Oh, no, This means pretty fine.
Means I gotta be bad.
There's just so sad.
And then he turns himself into a pickle.
Never seen you would have loved it.
Dad, it's this Joe Joe.
It's not possible.
It's just not possible.
I'm telling you, I freakin saw it.
He turned himself into some of these air.
Really funny.
I'll give him that cure for cancer.
Family guy.
Funniest moment 12.
I'll let you guys to decide in the comments down below both me and my brother watching our dad to receive lethal injection.
We're all going to go through it at some point or another.
So at least there's a medium where we can sympathizer guys, I just realized something in a family guy.
Joey says hi to someone, but they are.
We're not gonna lie.
Hi, Joe.
What's the punch line?
Please tell me there's a punch line.
If this is when your wife's boyfriend led to stay up past 12 not gonna lie that dogs, would you step on Big Chung Meyer for $18 billion to I wouldn't even hesitate.
I don't care how beloved there's I would smash his fucking brains out.
Eat the brown part of this.
No way.
No way.
If you guys do it first, I will do it.
I will do it.
A house divided against itself cannot party rock.
Thank you.
Someone said it.
You ever thought about how just how much history censored?
There's no way we can trust really everything.
But we know for a fact that Barack Obama did say this.
We want to talk to the CEO of racism.
Is that always like Chad guy?
Is he really?
I thought he was just a computer.
His rail sleepers.
Wow, that's so cool.
There's a lake called Lake Chad.
It even looks like Chad upside down.
It looks like Chad, Are you serious?
When the water hits a ghost from Virgin to mega Chan that society sex is when they realize their parents as now by parents bruh.
It was my dad and my dad's boyfriend that did it.
Okay, now this is epic.
All right?
What is it gonna be?
It's his pee Pee Island.
It better be.
Yea, it's pee Pee Island.
I know the coordinates.
I don't need to see it.
It's mother flipping people.
Yes, that's epic.
Well, that's a respectable time to find it too.
I don't think I could do it that fast.
I honestly couldn't care less about purify ready aspects of his life.
I just care enough about posting on Reddit about it.
Unpopular opinion.
I don't care.
You like beauty pie.
Go ruin another subject.
I know it by fans.
Please flick off, bro.
How did hit seven for 20.
So fast respect Respected So you like pretty pint.
Name every subreddit.
You're okay, buddy Retard.
Ok, now I'm glad I did this.
That's funny.
Names is over.
Go home.
But if I had to me now not fund they only funny with my small group knows that.
Okay, bro, you don't want to fight.
That's kind of cringe bra.
Have you seen?
Just replace that image with Giga Chen?
Because that's how we know it actually went down.
Come on, stop pretending.
Oh, you're pretty pie fan named every gamer moment he had.
Okay, body that was a smash like Subscribe A merge.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I have done every read it.
I have to get to these eventually.
You know what?
Not Sorry.
Don't actually care at all.
As you can tell, because I did it because I don't see you tomorrow.
Actually, no seeing Two days.
Bye bye, Hedo.
Breath subscribe.
Thank you.
You know what big people do they play?
Beauty pie?
Ice picks the lings off course picks.
Elin's is a creature collecting game.
I'm the primary share over a Brazilian.
Players have downloaded and it's got a perfect score.
It's safe to say it's the most popular game of old time.
Sweetie pie pick slings is awesome.
Deal with it.


The Most OFFENSIVE Subreddit (thick skin only) #62 [REDDIT REVIEW]

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