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held up the grocery line because the card reader couldn't read my apple watch.
Elderly man behind me exhales Let's move this along future by move along, Future boy Welcome, everyone.
My name is today.
We're reviewing rare insult Subreddit also boners mean it's my birthday.
Cheers, gamers.
I just found his subreddit.
That's so funny to the YouTuber who put an ad in there?
Rain sounds for sleeping with you.
Please eat a rat poison sandwich.
It's like these a SMR videos that put mid rolls on them.
You ruined the whole purpose of your existence.
Hey, I need a favor from your parents.
I want to have a handsome baby.
How can my parents help you in day?
Can you ask them which precision they freaked in so I can avoid it?
Oh, my fiancee gets back from deployment in two days.
How do I get rid of these?
Make loads and loads of makeup, preferably white.
Cover the face area as well to match the neck.
Get yourself a red nose to finish the cover up.
That way you can look like a clown since your relationship is a joke.
Wait, Mariah Carey.
Okay, This should be good.
Mariah Carey, beginning with I don't want a lot for Christmas and then revealing she wants you.
It's such a good thing.
Brings a whole new meaning to the song.
Wow, I'll actually enjoy it now.
Mark Zuckerberg always looked like a guy in a zombie movie who's been bitten, but it's trying to keep it a secret from everyone.
It's funny because it's so accurate, My God, A whole new meaning to my Zuckerberg that I'm so sad that we scared Mark Zuckerberg out of the Internet.
That was such a beautiful time when he was part of the Internet.
You know I want him back.
Zach, Police come back.
You can be part of me and review, all right?
It's Facebook.
Stock would go right up, please.
Zuk, you got my number.
Just call me any time.
It'll be the most beautiful redemption of all time.
I often daydream about winning the Power Bowl and buying the licensing rights to friends just to edit out the laugh tracks, then releasing it back to the public for free so everyone can finally understand how unfunny that show actually is.
I don't even watch friends.
I don't even care.
Yeah, I said it.
I don't even watch friends.
There's so many better shows to watch.
I agree.
Please don't take babies into movie theaters.
I did not pay 30 bucks to listen to your week pullout game bra.
Yeah, And don't take them two planes either.
Don't take your baby's anywhere.
I just thought I don't want to see your stinky child, bro.
You pay 30 bucks to go to the cinema day him shout out to my cousin, got his barber license in jail and it was his own barbershop when he got out.
That's a $30 uber from his eyebrows to hit.
Ah, such a great insult.
Yet people say my forehead is big.
Nah, nah, I mean, I don't mean to diss a child, but not unnatural Hair colors in woman are a warning signal to stay away.
It's an example at puts a mat is, um yes, the phenomenon of poisonous animals in nature advertising their toxicity and lethality.
A percent Matiz, um, is there to warn off predators, not sexual partners.
If you're repelled by it, it's working.
Oh, day off.
Now I think the problem really here is that people with ghost with colored hair are generally not epic rate.
My professor is really something.
I never wore my seatbelt while driving to school because I wanted to die before me.
Kim in Tibet, this class.
Oh, wow.
What is that website rate?
My professor, We're talking about this yesterday about these this type of professors that failed in what they wanted to do.
So they just pick on you.
I'm remand.
There's so many bad professors Maisie Williams mixed like very yug Grandma.
Oh, that's so true.
She'll be a very cute grandmother.
She'll peek at an old age.
I think that's cool.
Who the f is Ozzy Osbourne?
This is why I love Post Malone for shining light on unknown artist Ozzie Oz board were snorting lines off ants with motley crew Before your father was having wet dreams about your mother burrow for my God, these doomers, they don't know who Ozzy Osbourne it.
You realize this is like a boomer post.
Right back in my day, we listen to real music like Ariana Grande.
Oh, so sorry for truck drivers.
They make their living setting on there too lazy to have a real job the next time you go to a store to buy old you need.
I think you need to remember how old I should got there for you.
Truckers are away from fans, friends and families with Children for weeks, sometimes months at a time.
Just so you can buy that cucumber your wife is gonna herself with later.
Well, thinking of your neighbor outta me to rip on truck drivers.
But if you if you're a truck driver and you are young, I'm sorry, but you might want to look into another profession.
It's all gonna be That's like, the first job that's gonna get taken over when its automated.
That's like the next big line of work.
I mean, that doesn't mean you can't be appreciated of other people's work, but also truck drivers.
They take up to both flames and I can pass them.
Stay in your goddamn leg.
Truck drivers.
Who the Frick are any of these people?
And who the frig are you?
C word?
I just try to say your name out loud and my furniture started floating.
Yeah, So goods Oh, that was the best about up Sharla shots cashing cower!
I'm notifying all my old boyfriend that I'm getting married and I'm officially off the market.
I'm sure the pull setting on your showerhead will be devastated.
Uh ah.
This summer is great.
I love this baby.
Ah, yes, Boomer stuff.
Baby boomers did that thing where you leave a single square of toilet paper on the roll and pretend it's not your turn to change it, but with the whole society.
Vera, that's so true.
That says a lot about society.
Here you go.
Schumer's God, I wish I was a boomer.
Just live in a bubble.
A boomer bubble.
Can you imagine?
Oh, Felix, you are a boomer.
You're 30 now.
Okay, Sorry.
God, I'm actually 30 today.
No, No, I'm not boomer.
I swore I swore.
How do you do, fellow kids?
Guess what?
I'm good at imitating mechanic, brah.
What were you getting at?
Jesus Christ.
That neck.
What is happening there?
Stop it.
I don't like it.
Who's Macon?
And why's he my new hero?
Mecha Nic.
Neck, Bro.
That's awesome.
I would Loki want that?
Can I buy that?
I can do that with my legs.
Nicki Minaj blocked me because I said slapping her on the ass must sound like when you close the micro grade.
I bet you she actually did that.
It's so funny.
Remember when making Nicki Minaj stop making music mean either Tic tac looks exactly like a fake social media app.
The main character of a distant channel.
Original movie would get cyber bullied on.
Yeah, that's it.
That's literally it.
Your name sounds like what a death lumberjack would shout.
Oh, so mean and so good.
I love it Camber.
I love that Linus.
That's worth enough.
Oh, God, This subreddit cracks me up, man.
You think it would be sad for me to record a renovator on my birthday?
But I actually like this.
Choose your fighter.
Why does it look like the guy on the right is wearing someone else's face?
Jesus Christ, that looks Photoshopped on.
I'll pick him as my fighter.
You'll get two characters.
He has a second face where he takes off his face.
Get it?
We need to stop giving Sarah killers cool name like the Night stalker.
The Green River Killer.
We should remove the mystique.
Make it sound something less appealing like micro Penis maniac Bobby dipshit the stupid to be fair.
Yeah, that's a great point.
We always glorify this horrible killers.
I I actually agree with that.
That's deep, Man.
That says a lot about society, man.
Think about it.
Shame is like the most powerful tool in the world.
If we just ridiculed everyone that did something horrible, society would be epic.
Except I get shamed all the time by society for saying bad words.
So I take it back.
I think I've seen this, but I'm not sure I've never been more proud of my country.
Team Olympian Overslept.
Lost, Coates said.
Frick it on TV and won us first gold off.
That sums their work ethic of that generation.
How many gold medals do you and your cat have go nets?
Um, cat mons Deborah.
I don't know.
I'm I'm a little bit of a boomer now, so I'm gonna have to go aside with Deborah on this one.
I don't think it was epic to remember how many feet there are in a mile.
You just gotta use five tomatoes.
Five tomato Sounds like 5 to 80 and there's 5 to 80 feet in a mile.
That's also to remember how many meters there are in the kilometer.
You just remember 1000.
Because that's the system of measurement.
The rest of the well was an inventive I drink, mate.
Rolling dice.
Official Dodge slide official Dodge Blood.
We need to get rid of the mile system and feet system and all the other system America.
I'm sorry.
This is another thing I will do as president.
If you vote Petey Pi 2020 20 I'll go over to America and I'll fix their system.
Miles Pathetic O and U K as well, dammit!
Feet stone.
It waits about a stone.
There's only one stone in the world that really helps actually lend a girl and umbrella yesterday, which takes the total number of girls I made wet this year to minus one.
Don't do yourself like that, man.
Come on.
Well, what if it made her went?
What if that act made her wet?
You're zero, brah.
Come on.
Don't be such a down there.
You're zero bro.
Some 14 year old brother responded to my Snapchat story.
You look like the 27 year old substitute teacher.
That doesn't know how to make the class quiet.
This model looks like she's cosplaying every Scooby doo character at once.
Yeah, pretty much.
Maybe that was the intention.
Through knows about fashion these days.
All you tube never changed.
This man looks like if the year 2003 was a person, right?
I don't even know who you are, but I'm sorry.
You can't have that beard.
Come on.
Jessica if she was spice should be courtroom exchange of the day.
Doctor, before you perform the autopsy, Did you check for a pulse witness?
Did you check for blood pressure?
Did you check for breathing?
So then is it possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?
How can you be sure of Dr because his brain was sitting on my desk?
Uh, but could the patient have still been alive?
Nevertheless, Yes.
It is possible that he would have been alive and practicing law.
Yes, that's it.
Got some of these are golden.
Are you really gonna plug your show like an ad right in the middle of the bid?
Yes, I am Kyle because it's my show.
how the freak else am I supposed to tell people about it?
We do, right that I painted on walls underneath the tunnel in the secret of vacations.
And no one sees it to avoid annoying you in the future.
Either advertise my show somewhere you'll never see it like in the arms of a woman who loves you.
Jesus Christ, Louis Shell.
I get in, Louis, I get it.
Sometimes you just get these dumb comments and you just want to go off.
It's like when I play a game that just came out and you still get someone saying, Wow, I'm not hating, But someone has played this yesterday.
I'm, like, got your hands on the galaxy s a show us the first photo you took.
It was a p p pick.
Ah, that's funny.
I found my cousin's old school picture.
Why your cousin look like here about to ask Shrek to do the roar?
He truly does.
He truly does not gonna lie.
Oh, God.
It's just the guy that looks like Yeah, there it is.
Very looks like the Q cover from veggie tales.
It So I consider this a compliment for DNA If your girlfriend cheats on, you need to understand that you like something that made her cheek.
So instead of leaving her for another girl, find out the air in yourself, apologize to her and be a better man.
We lost the wrong stark.
People actually think this blows my mind.
The final boss lengthen Chad champion Chad champion with a great alter ego.
I have I have an alter ego because whenever I don't want people to recognize my name when I order stuff online, it's something similar to Chad Champion, but I kind of wish I picked.
I picked Chad champion.
Instead, you look like you could turn water into E O.
Charlie Critical.
Looks like if John Wick gave up after they kill the dog Been started.
Akihito Diet Isn't Charlie like spoken out about the Cato diet as well?
That makes it sadder.
I'm sorry, Charlie.
Original recovery from this YouTube comments are prime.
I don't think so, but Jimmy Fallon laughs like he has trained my cooking me.
Forget it, Carter.
Burn era because it's my birthday.
So when I finish this video, your mom so lazy she took nine years to finish that the joke when some random in the Internet is more committed to a your mama joke than your dad was to your actual mum.
Tom Looks like Eminem is younger and lesser known.
Brother Skittles.
Ah, Tom, you probably had to shave his head for a party or something.
It's weird.
I think Tom could actually pull off, but now he does it.
I always thought I should try it.
You know, I've always wanted to try it, but I won't look good.
Have a weird relationship with my hair.
I don't I don't like it.
That's why I always wanted to shave it.
Do a bus.
Take the bus pill, man.
For whatever reason, does every apartment complex have a dog weight limit of £20?
Oh, my God.
This I can promise you.
My £90 golden retriever is a hell lot better behaved than Karen's £7 piece of devil worshipping Chihuahua or child, for that matter.
God, it pissed me off me and my said we want to travel with our dogs, but that every company has, like a weight limit for your dog.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You can bring your fat, ugly, annoying child that Yeltsin internal Use everyone while our innocent, Beautiful little angels Oh, it weighs one killer too much.
It can't come on our airplanes.
Why can your facts not be waiting?
Then tables have turned.
He looks like a down book bra.
All right, that's it.
That's it for this week's None in a 70 week.
It's everyday bro.
Reverie, insults.
That was.
But I enjoy the subway.
I hope you guys did as well.
There's no point in saying Happy Birthday because it's already happened.
But if you didn't on my actual birthday, I want you to be ashamed of yourself and the only way to redeem yourself.
It's a smash like on this video and subscribe and check out to the figurine.
I guess we'll promo that.
Thank you guys.
See it by like what?
You haven't tried to per simulated citizen after 50 million altro.
I can't do it.
Oh my.
I just know it's still relevant.


Rare Insults is a Treassure! /r/rareinsults top all #51 [REDDIT REVIEW]

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