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  • Okay, It's over here.

  • And he is perfect.

  • £7.5 ounces, 20 inches of awesomeness.

  • Give me a hug.

  • Waiting for this for ever.

  • Have a grand baby said she was tired.

  • I was kidding.

  • She's doing really good.

  • Yeah, he's doing good.

  • Too good.

  • It's been 20 years since we've had a baby.

  • Well, 16 that we had them for 20 years straight.

  • Everything, uh, already comes by.

  • Yeah, my arms.

  • Long toe home.

  • A child again.

  • Especially little New boy months Fluffy.

  • That doesn't remember the back.

  • Bring it on.

  • I can hardly wait.

  • I want you guys.

  • No!

  • No crowd and ready Applied to Connor.

  • Prem is absolutely perfect.

  • Is so adorable.

  • This does take a suspect when no one was born.

  • It wasn't long ago that he was a little one line.

  • I know you have.

  • I'm your grandma, Jim Comey Green.

  • It's not always be here for you.

  • Her seeing my my nephew and being his godmother is so it's cool.

  • Like when I wanted first hello room and looked into his little eyes.

  • No way.

  • They're like, I'll protect him.

  • You're about being He's a way.

  • It's so unreal.

  • It was like a little baby in the family now, like it's not just me.

  • It's not just as kids like there's something else.

  • Like, there's something that matters more than you think Any to media lies.

  • Those most important Congratulations.

  • Little eyes are open.

  • Hey, I get it.

  • Oh, yeah.

Okay, It's over here.


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ブラウンファミリーの最新メンバーとの出会い|アラスカのブッシュピープル (The Brown Family Meet Their Newest Member | Alaskan Bush People)

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