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Hey, guys, Good morning from Tokyo.
I'm a really bad cold.
And might Sinuses are completely plugged.
It is so annoying.
I'll try my best to sound normal.
It's definitely not gonna happen.
I am currently in Tokyo with my friend Candy.
Who's over there?
Hi, Candy Candy is American and she's currently in Tokyo for an event called Design Festive.
If you want to check out Candies work, I will link her instagram down below.
She's insanely talented.
She was really cool hair right Now let me show you her hair actually literally the best hair ever.
She has amazing hair stylist back in America.
First of all, I survey exciting news.
My new skincare collaboration with the Korean Skincare Company Wish trend is available starting right now.
So let me show you guys what's in it.
This time When I was on the cycle across Japan, I did not bring enough of my skin care with me, and I ran out halfway and I really started to notice because my skin does went to shit and I haven't had pimples since I started using this stuff.
So it was kind of a shock to me, Doc, when I was think about from 17 to maybe 25 ish.
I had really serious acne, serious cystic acne on my cheeks and just all over here.
I have that for a long time.
Koreans concur, is the best.
You guys, if you haven't tried it, please try it.
It just totally helped my skin.
And I haven't had a problem since.
But on the cycle, I guess with all the crop Colombini food I was eating and not doing my regular skin care routine, my skin got really bad again.
But I have gotten it back to its normal state, and I'm super happy.
So I just put together a box with my just really the essentials that I've been using these past few months and products that I think you guys will love.
The green tea and enzyme powder wash will be included.
The cool thing about this is you can adjust the amount of exfoliation you get from it.
So if you don't want it to be a strong exfoliant, you can rub it around in your hands a little longer before you put it on your face.
And that'll kind of dissolve the Granules, so it'll be gentler on your skin.
I like to have a good scrub, so I try to keep the grains like pretty rough.
But, yeah, you can adjust that to your skin type if you have sensitive skin.
Next, I included the Claire's supple preparation uncensored toner.
They also have a scented toner, which includes some essential oils.
Some people prefer that one because it's heavier, but I really don't like that toner, and I love this one and will probably never use anything else.
I would recommend trying this one out first because it doesn't include any essential oils, so I feel like it works for more skin types.
I include this in every box because it's a staple that I think everybody should try.
Just a really nice moisturizer that absorbs into your skin nicely, works well under makeup and helps moisturize your skin throughout the day.
There's nothing bad to say about this.
I love it so much since it is starting to get really sunny outside.
I thought I would include their new sunscreen, which is really great.
I know lots people are kind of iffy about using sunscreen.
You know you should do it, but you don't want to because it makes your face kind of oily or it makes it white.
The texture of the sunscreen is very soft and weightless on your skin.
It works amazing under makeup.
You basically can't tell you're wearing it, and it protects the skin from the sun.
So I super recommend that you use this.
This is another product that I especially like in the summer because I feel like my skin gets a little damage from being out in the sun, and I want something to moisturize my entire body.
The cool thing about this is you can actually use it for other things after I wash my face, if I feel like there's still a little bit of eyeliner or mascara residue under my eyes, all top a bit of this lotion underneath, um, and then wipe it gently with a Kleenex or something, and it removes makeup without having to use any oily makeup remover.
And it's such a huge bottle, it lasts forever.
I use it all over my body, so this is a really cool product.
As a bonus, they're gonna include two packages of these acne patches.
If you have a pimple on your face.
You stick one of these patches over it, and you can do in the daytime if you like.
They're pretty unnoticeable.
It actually kind of covers up the readiness of the pimple and makes it less noticeable.
I like to wear them at night time when I'm sleeping.
That just absorbs the gunk and heals your pimple way faster than it would normally heal without them.
Last but not least, is the eclairs freshly juiced vitamin E mascot stuff is great as a nighttime sleeping pack, so I like to layer a really thick, creamy layer over my face before I go to bed.
And then when I wake up in the morning, my skin is a lot more even toned.
I feel like it helps even extra pigmentation that I have on my skin.
It helps moisturize, and your skin just looks glowy and brighter.
So that's what the products that are included.
This time it will be $69.
American Free International shipping only get down below, so if you want some more details, you can check out that link.
I hope you love it.
Let's go out.
We're in Tokyo for the day so Let's go do some fun things.
What are we doing today?
Yeah, if you're new to my channel and you haven't seen nothing Oh, Broadway before.
So excited.
I get to take you there today because I would call it my favorite place in all of Tokyo.
Actually, we've got to stop with the post office and mail since stuff because we went through shopping yesterday.
I like to do that when I'm here.
And we found a bunch of things that I now need to ship to Morioka because I don't want to carry them around with me that I won't affect my luggage.
Honestly, we're gonna stop at the post office, mail those and then maybe grab some food and then head off to knuckle Bradley.
We're grabbing some lunch at a place we found here and you'll see a called number four.
If you guys happen to be in the area, check it out.
It's really decently priced for the quality of the food they have here.
It's so delicious.
They do have lots of vegan and vegetarian options.
We've made it to knock it off Broadway.
I've been here.
Must be at least two years.
I feel like I was perfectly every time.
Yeah, I kind of prefer not gonna Broadway to Akihabara because it's indoors, for one thing.
So if it's raining outside of its crappy weather, you can come in and enjoy shopping all day and not worry about it.
And also because there's way less tourists.
Looks like there's some kind of point nobody celebration.
There's all these coin, nobody on the ceiling.
That's pretty cool.
Not gonna.
Broadway's known for a few different things.
You might not know that there's so many sneakers shops here, so if you're looking for some Nikes or something, this is probably a good place to do that in Tokyo.
And they're also known for antiques, collectible toys, all the nerdy stuff you're into.
All this stuff in Akihabara you would love not gonna Broadway.
They're also tons of gotcha machines here, like on obscene amount.
So if you're on the lookout for a certain gotcha toy, not know, Broadway is definitely a good place to come to look for it.
Oh, arm feels really weak, so I feel like I just have to keep at it for, like, 50 more times early.
L feel like spending 5000 yen on this.
What's yummy?
It's not like absolute shit.
Yeah, exactly.
No, the art.
Pretty cute like that.
Yeah, I like the cat thing, but I don't I'm not really a fan of badges.
I love looking at that.
Got Jelic.
Even if I'm not plan to go by and either.
Just so agitating fish cake rules.
Tires with removable rims.
Like why?
What would you want?
Minute your tires.
Yeah, this looks cool.
It's a fan, and I think it actually works.
That's awesome.
I find all the best stores are probably on the second and third florist sewed.
Recommends starting there.
Everyone in the market for a giant Godzilla head.
Kind of tempting.
I'm not gonna lie like I can't believe that Price is actually for you know, Candy was just explaining that, like a private artists that doesn't officially work like isn't officially affiliated with Godzilla and independent artists get a license to sell toys using the Godzilla design for like one day.
So at the art festival, candy is going to be selling these Godzilla toys.
That's really cool.
I didn't know you could D'oh!
Do you guys remember the so movie collection that I have on Michelle?
They sell them here for, like, $100 each on the bigger ones, which I have one of 250 $500.
That's insane.
I would never sell my.
It's crazy to think that they go for that much, and they have one of mine to the bucket.
Que Gina from the Foggy Collection is actually in gotcha machines here.
So the stories up on the fourth floor, I think it's the highest floor not going abroad with.
They have lots of more expensive toys.
I think they're more of the antique, tight collectible stuff it's really need to look at because you walk into this row of Tory Gates kind of feels like Kyoto but futuristic Kyoto.
And then look at this place.
It's just so cool looking.
It's basically like an art gallery, but you really fall in love with peace could buy it.
The fourth floor is probably one of my favorites.
Actually, there's a section for B J.
Well jointed dolls.
If you're into those lots of great accessories and wigs, party parts that you can buy and There's a huge magical girl section, tons of Sailor Moon stuff.
What's a collectible sailor Moon stuff on other magical girl?
So if you're into that, you would love this for animation so far.
Like Enemy, I think mostly they're up for auction so they have the date for when the auction starts.
Can't just like by these ones, these air the display ones that are going to be available by auction on Lee.
So he had Candy just got out of, like, my favorite story to visit here because the toys a really cool but County told me the guy in there is really funny.
So we went in today again, and I made a point to talk to the guy.
And he's hilarious, like, I can't even talk about the things that he told us on cover because it's a little scandalous for YouTube.
But he was so funny, and he was so nice.
So I really recommend you guys go to his store.
But then he's holding.
He didn't want me to advertise it, so I'm not allowed to tell you the day of event.
I'll tell you, it's on the third floor, and here's some clips of it, so hopefully you could recognize it.
And seriously, you should go in there and visit him if you're a doctor.
No, he's freaking hilarious.
Tough with practice.
Your Japanese is a really nice guy.
Like still trying to have a congress.
He was speaking with us and Japanese.
I didn't realise love.
Yeah, he's so funny.
Guys, we're gonna head back to our air beauty, and I'll show you what I bowed.
And not in a good way of really cool stuff.
This I'm excited to show you.
All right, we're back in the air being let me show you guys that I got So the first thing that caught my eye waas this little miniature Mothra.
Every time I go back to Canada, I bring my mom a Mothra figure, and we don't have one of these tiny little one.
So I had to get this.
This was 500 yen, about $5 and I think she will really like it.
And I'll be going back to Canada this summer, I believe.
So I'll be able to give it to her.
And the next thing I got was something to decorate my house with.
I saw stack of these on the wall and I looked through them and I was able to find four antique Mothra postcards.
I'm gonna put these up probably in the living room.
Somehow, when the Godzilla movies were released, they would sell these at the stores.
So these are proper antiques.
They might be worth something someday, But I'm just gonna stick them on my wall and enjoy them because I really love them.
Mothra is my favorite Japanese monster.
If you haven't noticed, they were $10 each and I got three.
And he let me choose one for free like I was hilarious.
I really wish I could have recorded the conversation we had with him.
You guys.
It was just like out of this world.
My last video got de monetized, and I don't want to risk that with this one.
If you haven't seen my last video, by the way, please go back and watch.
It was my birthday party.
We had it in Tokyo at this insane bar.
Anyways, it's funny.
Go watch it, please.
Actually, these Mothra postcards reminded me, but I have really cool story to tell you guys.
So yesterday, candy and I had the honor of meeting the creator of all the Godzilla monsters suits.
Basically, anytime you see a monster in the Godzilla movies from like the nineties to the early 2000 it was created by this guy, La Casa Shinichi is his name.
He was a total sweetheart.
He was so nice to us.
He took us over lunch after, and he showed us around his workshop.
Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to film in there, but we had a photo with him and he presented candy with this really awesome book that documented all the processes of creating the suits that he had made over the years.
It's so cool.
It was really need to learn how it was all done.
And I feel really lucky to have this opportunity because most people wouldn't be able to hear these like insider secrets, the Godzilla movies, and it just totally made me want to go back home and re watch all of them.
So that was a really cool experience we had yesterday.
It's too bad I couldn't share that with you guys in video.
But if I can find this book that he gave to Candy online for sale somewhere.
Apparently it's no longer being printed, so it is kind of rare.
But if I can find the link, I'll have it down in the description box.
If you're into Godzilla Japanese kind, you check it out.
You'll love the book.
I guess that's it.
You guys, if you're interested in getting my skin care box, the link for that will be down the description box and which train is actually doing a special cruelty free brand promotion deal at the moment.
But if you buy the box during their promotion, which ends on May 29th if I am correct, you get a free goody bag of products to try out along with their order, I will have all the information that below.
Check it out.
I hope you guys love everything in the box.
Please leave me your feedback.
As always, I love hearing what you thought about it.
Thanks so much for putting up with my nasal e voice all day.
Hopefully, it will be fixed very soon.


Spend the Day in TOKYO with Me! + my skincare routine

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