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  • to see what Alex is made up of asking to serve me up some Italian classics.

  • First up, fresh Minister.

  • Any suit?

  • This should be a star hit on any Italian menu.

  • Very, very greasy.

  • Okay, Dad, stuck around the outside are passing them.

  • Is that it was possible in the store Next cc Lagana Fresh eternal sausages, bait in white wine and served on garlic bread.

  • Derrida.

  • And it looks like two penises doused in perilously.

  • I almost like feel I've gone back to the 1982 where every other arrested in the high street looking Italian ripples We're now in the 21st century and they still serving crap like this.

  • Fucking disgusting.

  • Even worse, the Amaretto cake is bought in, unfortunately, not quite defrosted, slightly frozen.

  • The center.

  • Oh, did.

  • This is about as authentic as a fucking Chinese takeaway.

  • Right?

  • Alessandra, it'll personally about Italian ingredients.

  • Authenticity.

  • So nothing.

  • You tell him I'm nothing done with Cat.

  • I'm concerned about where you're going.

  • How long this place has got to last on, unfortunately delivered Focal.

  • That was way, way, way below par.

  • Do you think this is funny?

  • No, because I didn't find it funny.

  • 1000 city because that was fucking dying.

  • Alex may think that I'm his worst nightmare, but this really is my idea.

  • Kitchen help.

  • He's in such meltdown.

  • He's even let the most basic standards of hygiene slip.

  • You think you have cleaned up?

  • I mean, it's not as if you didn't know what's coming.

  • There's no excuse for filth about of this.

  • When was last time?

  • The place was really properly clean.

  • Clean Every Friday afternoon?

  • Yeah.

  • Bullshit.

  • When we last time with freshly pulled out pulled out that was about to eat.

  • What about all the bread roll down behind the fridge?

  • Now you can see him from here.

  • Look, she froze up into the, uh, dollar throws brought up into the basket to dry out, dry out for bread crumbs, and she misses.

  • So we'll go down the back of the fridge.

  • Dirty lady.

  • Well, about this shit about them with a kitchen in this state, Alex risks further damage to lantern is already fragile.

  • Reputation.

  • Oh, fuck.

  • You know, it's never been used.

  • What about these trays?

  • He could even be closed down if you do that.

  • Thea working.

  • Are you ever gonna tell me the truth?

  • it does.

  • Don't worry about the oven.

  • Break in.

  • Yes, that's replaceable.

  • Giving a customer fucking food poisoning.

  • It's not.

  • Yeah, yeah, looking at in the eyes, everywhere you turn in this kitchen, there's another surprise muscles on the floor.

  • Stuff everywhere.

  • Produce just left, going moldy again, and then is a pot noodle on there.

  • Who the fuck is eating for noodles?

  • They're 60 customs out there.

  • I am so fucking glad they can't see where their food coming from, How it's cooked.

  • What the fuck is going on behind the scenes?

  • Because it's a mess, But it's a fucking embarrassment.

  • Fucking disgusting.

  • Oh, my God.

  • That is taking the fucking piss.

  • Fucking how?

to see what Alex is made up of asking to serve me up some Italian classics.


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