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  • Hi, I'm Charles.

  • Money Simon Executed ship of Bashar New York Foundry cooking is basically from the northern part of India Indian washing off a barbecue cooking.

  • This is one of the most fresh and healthy as well.

  • Eating Indian food without a lot of Curries, gravies all those things and barbecue is one of the best way to enjoy the meat.

  • Basically, it's get cooked very fast.

  • Straight from I went to the plate to the mouth.

  • Nothing can go wrong without people have a miss prospection about Indian food.

  • It's too much butter, too much oil, too much spicy food.

  • I want to meet those kind of people.

  • And I wanted to tell him there is another way to put the Indian.

  • There's another way to enjoy Indian food with a great flavors on.

  • My customers are enjoying it the way we started.

  • Tandoori chicken as we like to marinate the chicken overnight imagination is a little bit of different way than a regular way off Indian cooking.

  • We use imagination off a ginger garlic place, sour free little bit of chili powder.

  • Africa governments are a little bit of citric.

  • We marinated overnight.

  • Basically, we are allowed the chicken to observe the company imagination.

  • And then we're gonna cook it for, like, 15 minutes.

  • Maximum thunder Arman is basically the clear Alan.

  • So we cooked out on the re products and to a different breed.

  • Attic heat on inanity.

  • Play is getting hard, so you're getting heat from the clay on the Jackal gives them.

  • It's smoky, flavor and freshness.

  • Every time we try something, it loses some of the favorite in the oil.

  • So the advantage of the tandoori cooking is everything stays in the meat, and then you get to enjoy 100 person of the flavor.

  • That's Ah, basic way of how we're looking out on the chicken here.

  • I started my carrier in South India.

  • That's where I'm from.

  • I'm from Chennai.

  • When I was working in India, I didn't have much opposite to cook Indian food, but I had the basic knowledge of the Indian food.

  • I grew up eating Indian food from the time when I was a baby.

  • I've been following some of the recipes.

  • I wanted to create something on my own.

  • That's how I inspired all the dishes, what we have in front of us.

  • So it's our own twists for me is cooking is like a It's fascinating.

  • When I see people enjoy it makes me happy.

  • So every time I'm happy, I try to come up with something new, so I pay complete attention to each and every dish over here in Russia.

Hi, I'm Charles.


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タンドリーチキンはインドの完全版BBQです。 (Tandoori Chicken Is India's Perfect Version of BBQ | Food Skills)

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