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  • We still see people coming out who don't need to be out, even for essential workers.

  • People have to be careful on Dhe again.

  • I've been trying to communicate that everyone.

  • Everyone is subject to this virus.

  • It is the great equalizer.

  • I don't care how smart, how rich, how powerful you think you are.

  • I don't care how young, how old this virus is.

  • The great equalizer.

  • My brother Chris is positive for Corona virus.

  • Found out this morning.

  • The, uh, no, uh, he is going to be fine.

  • He's, uh, young in good shape.

  • Uh, strong.

  • Not as strong as he thinks, but he will be fine.

  • But there's a lesson in this.

  • He's an essential worker member of the press.

  • So, uh, he's been out there.

  • You go out there, the chance that you get infected is very high.

  • I spoke to him this morning, and he's going to be quarantined in his basement at home.

  • He's just worried about his daughter and his kids that he hopes he didn't get them infected.

  • Uh, you don't really know, Chris.

  • You know.

  • You see Chris, he has a show on night, uh, nine o'clock on CNN, but you just see one dimension, right?

  • You see a person in his job and in his job.

  • He's combative and he's argumentative and he's pushing people.

  • But that's his job.

  • That's really not who he is.

  • He's a really sweet, beautiful guy.

  • Uh, and, uh, my best friend.

  • My father was always working.

  • It was always just me and Chris, and he's a lawyer.

  • Also.

  • Chris.

  • He's a lawyer because growing up the decision point came to What do you want to do after college?

  • And my father was a very strong personality, and my father basically suggested forcefully to Chris that he should be a lawyer.

  • It was a different time in a different place.

  • You know, Uh, now my daughter's Kara, who's here today will follow there individual stars.

  • This is their destiny, which is right.

  • If you had said to my father, I want to follow my individual star, he would say, you, you gonna follow your individual star right out that door.

  • So Chris went to law school, but he never really had a desire to practice.

  • Law calls me when he's about 26.

  • Is that a law firm?

  • And he said, You know, I don't want to be a lawyer.

  • I said, Yeah, I know, but you are now a lawyer.

  • You are.

  • He's in here.

  • But I don't want to be a lawyer.

  • I said, What do you want to be said?

  • I want to be a journalist.

  • I said, You want to be a journalist?

  • Says, Too late.

  • You're a lawyer.

  • You have to pay law school bills.

  • You didn't go to journalism school.

  • It's too late.

  • No, no, I think I can do it.

  • And God bless me.

  • Quit The law firm went to work for Fox TV, which is old separate conversation in the house on, then worked his way up that CNN.

  • There's a beautiful job but a sweet guy, and now he's quarantined in the basement.

  • But it's funny, is that he says to me, even the dogs won't come downstairs says so, Uh, but he is concerned about his wife, his kids, but the reason I raise it is he's smart, he social distancing, yes, but you wind up exposing yourself.

  • People want them exposing you, and then they find out they're positive a couple of days later, and I had a situation with Christopher two weeks ago, that I even mentioned My mother was at his house and I said, That is a mistake Now my mother is in a different situation.

  • She's, uh she's older on and she's healthy.

  • But I said, You can't have mom at the house And he said, No, no, no, Mom is lonely.

  • She wants to be at the house.

  • I feel bad.

  • She's cooped up in the apartment.

  • I said, Yeah, I feel better.

  • He's cooped up in the apartment, too, But you bring her to your house.

  • You exposed her to a lot of things.

  • You have the kids there, you have your wife there, you're coming and go when your wife is coming and going.

  • And, uh, you could expose Mom to the virus.

  • And love is sometimes Ah, little needs to be a little smarter than just reactive.

  • And we had a whole discussion.

  • In truth.

  • Now he's informed.

  • I'm informed, Uh, was that dangerous?

  • Was that not dangerous?

  • So I went back to Dr Zucker said.

  • We have to tell people what are the rules?

  • How does this work?

We still see people coming out who don't need to be out, even for essential workers.


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