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  • certain things you learn in, Would they never leave you?

  • You know, like the idea that if someone has a problem with you, to the ground just falls out from beneath them.

  • Where I'm from, you find yourself all alone in life.

  • I am sort of a guy's girl, and I feel like Clara is as well.

  • And I don't think we see that a lot in female characters.

  • Actually.

  • God, I would really love to do that.

  • Are you threatening me?

  • Fucking right I am.

  • You really started something.

  • I play Lara Axelrod married to Bobby Axelrod, who happens to have a little bit of money thing I like about Laura's that she grew up in a working class family was a nurse, and she has this edge to her that is bit different than someone who perhaps would have been born into money.

  • She's a lovely person, but use don't cross her.

  • You can't be there.

  • I stopped trying.

  • What do we say to Chef Ryan?

  • Thank you.

  • She's also very much a family girl.

  • They have their two kids that they love, and she owns a restaurant where she has both her sister's as her and boys get your sweet ass in for dinner service, you know?

  • So she's kind of a little bit of everything.

  • You deserve a Nobel Prize.

  • You're gonna make any show great.

  • It's the relationships that we really care about the most.

  • Think of all the good we're doing it because they both worked for it.

  • They've grown at the same pace.

  • Now they are this massively powerful couple kind of rule in New York City.

  • Lyric has quite eloquently taken on this new role.

  • I guess some woman just don't have what it takes and some now.

certain things you learn in, Would they never leave you?


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A2 初級

ビリオンズ|ララ・アクセルロッドのマリン・アーカーマン|シーズン1 (Billions | Malin Akerman on Lara Axelrod | Season 1)

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