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  • My name is Colton Ogden, and I am the course instructor

  • for GD50, which is CS50's Introduction to Game Development.

  • CS50 is to game programming what CS50 is to general-purpose programming

  • and problem solving, ultimately a jumping-off point for students

  • that might have a little bit of programming experience,

  • but who haven't necessarily gotten their hands dirty with game programming yet.

  • GD50 adopts a case study style approach whereby week by week,

  • we'll look at a specific game, and we'll analyze it,

  • figuring out what the parts do and how they form a playable whole.

  • We'll look at games like Pong, Breakout, Super Mario Bros., Legend

  • of Zelda, Portal, and many more.

  • For the first three quarters of the course,

  • students will use Lua and LOVE 2D, a 2D game development framework,

  • and then transition in the latter quarter to C# in Unity,

  • a very popular modern game engine.

  • Ultimately, lots of programming, lots of ideas, and lots of fun

  • await students interested in the course.

  • My name is Colton Ogden, and this is GD50.




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ティーザー - CS50のゲーム開発入門 (Teaser - CS50's Introduction to Game Development)

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