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  • In just the last two years, we've taken you on a journey into more than 250 hypothetical scenarios.

  • We've explored what happens when you dump your trash into a volcano when you get sucked into a black hole or fall through the clouds of Jupiter, We've drained the world's oceans, built a ring world in space, and Terra formed as many planets as we could.

  • We're on an epic journey to explore the infinite possibilities in this universe and imagine the unimaginable.

  • Hopefully, you're learning along with us.

  • Well, sure you are.

  • By now, you probably know a ton of different things.

  • But there's one thing you don't know who's making all these cool.

  • What if videos and what do I look like anyway?

  • Hi, I'm Ellen Leske.

  • Some of you might think that making what if is a one man show, but that's certainly not the case.

  • Let me take you on a tour of our office.

  • What if is a team of all kinds of crazy creatures, from researchers to video producers to the people who keep the lights on?

  • All these people play an important role in continuing to bring you videos about your 3 a.m. Thoughts, and we don't just sit at our desks.

  • We're out here in the field testing the craziest what if ideas you can think of.

  • So keep them coming.

  • But we haven't even mentioned the most important face of what if.

  • And that's you without you watching, sharing and suggesting new ideas.

  • What if wouldn't be the show that it is today, and that's not a hypothetical scenario.

  • That's the truth.

  • So now that you've seen some of the other people who work around the office here, what if I guess it's time you saw my face for real this time?

  • So if my trusty editor over your can please remove the deep fake from my face, everyone, I'm Peter on the voice of what if?

  • And I'd like to thank you all for watching our show throughout the years, it's really meant a lot to us, and it's really helped us get to where we are today.

  • Like I say, I'm not the only person who works on what if I'm not the only one who has something to say to you.

  • Thank you for subscribing.

  • Thanks for watching and for liking what we do next Well, that's a story for another.

  • What if?

  • And one more thing.

  • You can now support this show on patriotic.

  • Your support will help us make better.

  • Videos can produce more of our own special effects.

  • As a patron, you can also vote on upcoming topics or help script research and fact.

  • Check our episodes.

  • There'll be lots to see behind the scenes.

  • You can chat with the team and so much more.

  • Go to the link in the description to learn more about how you can help.

  • By the way, congrats, everyone A video where we didn't kill anyone.

In just the last two years, we've taken you on a journey into more than 250 hypothetical scenarios.


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