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  • It's two months, 20 year, a lot of years, whether it was the benefit of ourselves, the people around us for the environment.

  • But when his dad, I want to make so many years of illusions and changes in my life, but it's virtually impossible to prove.

  • I mean, you might ask, is gonna go to the gym every day at last.

  • See, it takes a lot of time and committed, and it's hard for all of us.

  • Well, last year I worked and we did this and imposed that I don't I love you.

  • Two years ago, I was possible for a doctor and the end.

  • And for the next week, I was so many wires and poked and prodded.

  • Whenever I ask a question, no one would get it straight.

  • Until what if my parents find out this is a war where that we need to talk.

  • They were holding a big file Ko hospital written allover, and while I knew it was bad, I was there.

  • My organs.

  • That's crazy, Danny found in retrospect, and she's coming.

  • My skin was constantly craft and leading my heart was dangerously low and uses so weak.

  • I was constantly saying my cutest wouldn't heal.

  • I have been seriously, so many this little sentence for the longest time, but they have gone unnoticed because of the chemical, my ability to speak my greatest day.

  • I don't remember anything.

  • I was told I was constantly angry and depressed.

  • And this medal warren more visible symptoms and can apply.

  • Hearing this week, I wish I felt that my brain, my body, paint everything that I was all lost.

  • So we never said interesting.

  • It was strange to me that I was malnutrition, excesses, imbalance and inefficiency.

  • Nutrients.

  • And while my situation was extreme, it could occur based on a single for his animal.

  • Blah.

  • Vitamin D's well can cause depression, memory loss and dementia.

  • And the over consumption needs will leave constant nausea anxiety.

  • This could happen to anybody you know, you When the hospital where?

  • How's your mind mission?

  • I was put into recovery, and it's a long time and a lot of hard work and relaxes trips back the hospital.

  • But eventually things got.

  • My organs were inching back.

  • I saw a minor.

  • Ray's getting slightly better or cross commuting times, checking in total sentence, but it over time I saw so many improvements that I was just coming and it was through this I realized what foods what nutrients put in our bodies is really important.

  • But also the basic nutrition education does not was I mean for me and the wine also for a lot of even educational compiling data on a hunger to see the World Health Organization one point for one billion people normal experience, failed missions even issued the also report that Mama Trish is the number one threat to the public health across the world.

  • And it was truly understood the importance of inaccessibility, of knowledge and experience of the one point for one billion people that set change it.

  • My first take away is something called being receptive to you see, everything change theirs something that causes a reaction set in a restaurant chain.

  • And it's important to understand that every catalyst are all around us literally anything.

  • For me, it was that.

  • But for others in the video, statistically here or every person and every change have a different panels.

  • But it is we have knowledge and understanding my dad his job and gave the initial push to start work.

  • I'm transferring all that anger, depression and potential in which, over time all and continue to do all the work for you of a business selling nutrition you see in Japan.

  • Trish Marcy's credit units actually more and I would actually buy It was a network where I've been educating home proper nutrition, beneficial ones, visible help minutes well, the education anymore and a little business.

  • Portable generator fathers.

  • I'm just kind of medium NGOs battling malnutrition.

  • It's been a colossal amount of work, child so far.

  • But what Kevin motivated through these obstacles is my son turning emotion into motivation while the house is what set me on the direction.

  • Changed Yeah, from that emotion, whether it is pain, feel passion, joy or anything at all.

  • It is what we just want to make a change in the first place, and it's gonna leave you alone, were unknown or face adversity needs from on ourselves and relive that emotion to get us going.

  • This second takeaways, definitely the hardest one to force to taste a long time, but it is what made those scribbles into a product beyond me and not a project into official exactly two years ago, on a more equal 2020.

  • I found a product I have only 15 years old.

  • This company is gonna save the world from malnutrition, obviously never running.

  • But whether they rose for fails, I am not going to stop trying to help people because that is what I initially set out to do.

  • Brahimi's in my third and final time internalized change until it comes apart incorporated?

  • Or do you want to know what you should be?

  • Because the moment we started basically raised, I should do, and the change must consider dearly love.

  • Our goal should be something that we're constantly thinking about and reflecting upon, truly care about TV all your reasons all over.

  • Now I know change is really tough and it's an ongoing process.

  • But we didn't have any kind of change with right and that line opinions with being receptive to Canada that said it.

  • And when times are tough use, are reacting in motion to get us going in and push the possibles and find me, we analyzed that believe in change so much that it becomes a part of our identity.

  • And with this life, can she almost anything.

  • We can change it to the benefit of ourselves, the people around us or the world.

It's two months, 20 year, a lot of years, whether it was the benefit of ourselves, the people around us for the environment.


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