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  • a Nashville neighborhood says goodbye to country singer Joe Diffie.

  • He's one of nearly 3000 people in the U.

  • S.

  • To have died from Cove in 19.

  • This is the inside edition dot com Corona Virus News for March 31st 2020 Grammy winning Joe Diffie is not the only figure in the music world to die from Cove in 19.

  • Alan Merrill, who wrote I Love Rock and Roll, died on March 29th.

  • Singer songwriter John Prime is hospitalized with Kobe, 19 as his fountains of Wayne Front Man and That thing You Do.

  • Songwriter Adam Schlessinger and opera singer Placido Domingo said in a statement that he is quote at home and I feel fine after contracting the virus.

  • There are at least 160,000 confirmed cases in the U.

  • S and New York City and at the center for the moment claims at least 38,000.

  • On Monday night, the Empire State Building was transformed into a giant siren toe honor first responders.

  • Here's more Corona virus coverage from the inside edition dot com team First Lee chefs.

  • One of the stories I've been working on recently is about 15 year old Charlie D'Amelio.

  • You know the number one TIC tac user.

  • With more than 40 million subscribers, she started a challenge for everyone to participate in its called Hashtag Distance Dance Challenge.

  • And it's still raise awareness about social distancing and also to help donate money towards organizations in need.

  • And now let's send it over to saddle.

  • I'm working on a story about how conservationists fear that the Corona virus may infect the African mountain gorillas, the African mountain gorillas already endangered.

  • And there are just over 1000 left in the world.

  • Because gorillas have similar Deanna humans.

  • Conservationists fear that the Corona virus may be transmitted to the African mountain gorilla.

  • Now, on Johanna Lee, I worked on a story about how shelter animals have been impacted by the Corona virus pandemic.

  • Earlier this month, Wisconsin Humane Society put out a plea, saying that anyone who has ever considered fostering are adopting.

  • Now is the time to do it.

  • The outpouring of support shocked everybody.

  • Within 48 hours, 400 new people volunteered to be foster parents to these dogs, and by the end of the week, more than 300 animals were either adopted or foster.

  • So to be exact, Ah, 159 animals were adopted and 100 60 more went to foster families.

  • If this story inspired you to a doctor, Foster, do get in touch with the Wisconsin Humane Society or any local animal shelters.

  • New animals become available to adopt every single day.

  • Now over to Stephanie Officer Hello, I am working on a story about D.

  • J D.

  • Nice.

  • Now he is no stranger to the spotlight.

  • You got to start back in the eighties with Boogie Down Productions, but now he has taken his celebrity to a whole new level, and he's doing it through his home school parties called Club Quarantine.

  • So here's how it started.

  • He got the idea in the middle of the night for a M.

  • He hops out of bed, gets on his laptop and start spinning for just a few of his closest friends on Instagram Live.

  • Well, that ballooned into 20,000 people showing up to that stream, and then that ballooned into 160,000 people.

  • Now, in that V I p section Michelle Obama, Oprah Drake and let me tell you, is just as much fun as you thought it was.

  • I had already taken a shower.

  • I got out.

  • Join the party.

  • I was sweating.

  • I was cleaning.

  • It was such a relief.

  • So nice toe.

  • Take your mind off of all the weight that we're all dealing with in regards to this new normal for quite some time.

  • And now he's using his platform to help people to register to vote for more on the Corona virus.

  • Be short a visit inside edition dot com.

a Nashville neighborhood says goodbye to country singer Joe Diffie.


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Neighbors Say Goodbye to COVID-19 Victim Joe Diffie|2020年3月31日のコロナウイルスニュース (Neighbors Say Goodbye to COVID-19 Victim Joe Diffie | Coronavirus News for March 31, 2020)

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