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  • Hi.

  • Welcome back to another episode of Easy English.

  • I'm Rebecca, and we're in Toronto where we're asking people what they think about home and homesickness.

  • Ready?

  • Let's go.

  • Have you ever lived in another country?

  • No.

  • No, I haven't.

  • I'm living in another country right now.

  • Where did you live before?

  • L softener.

  • I lived in Hong Kong before.

  • And the U S.

  • I came from the United States.

  • But that Z I have?

  • Yeah.

  • I've lived in the Philippines since I was like I was born there until I was eight.

  • And then I moved here.

  • I was born in Taiwan and I was raised there on Towers 11 and I came here.

  • I've never lived abroad.

  • I've traveled abroad.

  • I've never lived from If you could live another country.

  • Where would you like to it?

  • I'm actually thinking about moving to France.

  • So I've been learning French on dueling Go.

  • Yes, we did.

  • Why?

  • Sweetie Healthcare, Um maybe in the UK.

  • Because I have a lot of family there, or I mean, dream a reach New York.

  • But that's I think a lot of you would say that too.

  • Yeah, the UK Think if you were to move to friends.

  • What do you think would be the hardest things to get used to living there?

  • Um, I think culture.

  • I guess there's a lot of things that people are just used to being around that you like.

  • I don't really remember that.

  • You have to learn.

  • So that and then also language I honestly don't know Soon ends like, perfect.

  • Have you noticed any difference is living here in Toronto?

  • Um, not really.

  • Honestly, it's It's pretty much the same to me.

  • I have enjoyed the weather, whether it's sucks, but, uh, think I enjoy the people.

  • Yeah, everyone's was really nice.

  • Have you ever felt homesickness?

  • Yeah, definitely.

  • So when I first moved to this university, I was very homesick.

  • Um, I'm like from a kind of rural town.

  • So I missed, like, fields and trees, even though there are a lot of trees just not enough.

  • Yeah, I would say the first couple of years, but I moved here.

  • I was definitely homesick.

  • I miss my family, my friends, but I stopped communicating along the ways like I'm not as Yeah, I know.

  • I don't like I feel bad, but I guess homes like it's just not my priority.

  • Didn't really get that because of my whole family.

  • Moved here with me.

  • And then it was another grandma.

  • My grandma also visit us, so I didn't really get that much.

  • What is something that you would miss about here if you moved abroad?

  • I don't know.

  • I guess the sense of community wherever you go, everyone's just really I don't know.

  • I don't want to say that we're perfect, but we're very accepting.

  • And so I think that I don't know and my friends and miss him.

  • Yeah, the food I wouldn't miss because the food's not anything special here, but yeah, what do you do when you feel homesick?

  • I try to listen to music for most, like, not formal slaughter specifically, but like music in Spanish.

  • At least call my friends stuff like that.

  • I like to talk to my family.

  • So I would call him when he was abroad or my mom or something.

  • Yeah, I just forced myself to get out more into, like, no more about the city, because then it kind of starts feeling like your home.

  • Like, what does home mean to you?

  • Uh, I guess it means like wherever my community is like now.

  • I mean, I just moved to Canada, but she's been here longer, but it feels a lot like home because she's here.

  • So, yeah, wherever my family and my friends are like, I definitely feel more at home or my family's there as opposed to, like, a specific place.

  • So, yeah, Tron is home.

  • Now that he's here, what does home mean to you?

  • I don't know people.

  • The people that you love and care about and who love and care about you as long as you're with them, he could be home anywhere.

  • Um, I think a lot of things home is kind of where you are, but it's also like a feeling like sometimes you could live somewhere, not feel like home until you decorate it.

  • Um, and then sometimes home, it's just people me a song.

  • As my family and the people I recognize and consider a family, I I mean, I'm here with my family, too.

  • Oh, so, yeah, we hope you enjoyed today's episode and hearing people's stories what home means to them and their advice for overcoming homesickness.

  • Let us know in the comments what home means to you.



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