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  • did you ever wonder what happens to your old computer or when you throw it away?

  • Chances are some of your electronic junk ends up here in China.

  • The world's biggest dumping ground for Elektronik waste, Elektronik waste or E waste arrives by the truckload to a southeastern Chinese town called W, where locals are experts at ripping apart Elektronik trash.

  • There are e waste disposal.

  • Business is here on nearly every street and in Mom and pop operations like this, workers rip apart the appliances and pull out the most valuable elements and components for resale.

  • The future manufacturers They worked fast, identifying and sorting plastic with the help of a flame.

  • Women here tell us all the trash is foreign, even though Chinese law bans the import of Elektronik waste, the most valuable Elektronik guts, like circuit boards, are separated and the rest treated like some giant plastic harvests.

  • Workers take piles of plastic chips and mix them into what looks like a synthetic stoop.

  • You may be one of the world's largest informal recycling operation, but it is dirty when recycling is done in primitive ways, like what we have seen here in China with the electronic waste it.

  • It is hugely devastating for the local environment.

  • Greenpeace says the water and Aaron greedy you is terribly polluted.

  • I am walking on a flat screens thes come from laptops or from computer monitors or or video TV screens, and they can contain a highly toxic chemical mercury, and you can see how those chemicals could then seep into the environment and even into the food supply of nearby livestock.

  • But talk to someone who doesn't rely on E waste to make a living, and you get a very different story.

  • Do you guys drink the water here?

  • Thes migrant farmers say they don't dare drink the water.

  • One of them has a shocking admission.

  • It might not sound nice, but we refused to eat this rice that we plant because of all the pollution way.

  • Don't know who ends up eating this, rice workers here complained.

  • Their business has been hurt by a crackdown on e garbage smuggled in from the U.

  • S, Europe and other Asian countries, but his Chinese consumers become more wealthy.

  • The country is increasingly generating its own Elektronik waste that puts new pressure on China as well as the rest of the world to figure out a cleaner, safer way to dispose of all this Elektronik jump.

  • I've been watching CNN Guay you China.

did you ever wonder what happens to your old computer or when you throw it away?


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