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  • burn out, by the way, is a myth.

  • Burnout.

  • We've been declared a legitimate medical diagnosis by the World Health Organization.

  • We're seeing a lot of anecdotal evidence of rising stress, burnout and unmanageable kinds of schedules for people.

  • In a recent study by Gallup, more than 2/3 of employees say that they were feeling exhausted.

  • But how do we truly prevent burn out?

  • It is a mental identity that doesn't exist in the world's top performers.

  • Work, work were clanging and banging, we call it, but, like, what time do you go to bed?

  • I mean, you need to work super hard when you structure your company, right.

  • Burnout becomes something that doesn't exist in your top.

  • People become immune to stress, anxiety and overwhelmed.

  • But it has to do with the science of transformation.

  • You see, a surprising study showed that stress is a mental construct.

  • The researchers estimated that over the eight years they were tracking deaths, 182,000 Americans died prematurely, not from stress but from the belief that stress is bad for you.

  • In other words, people who believe that stress is bad for the help when they face instances of stress.

  • They actually see a health deterioration.

  • But people who believe that stress is good for the health when they go true stressed It's actually a feeling Mork in tow, passion or excitement or dry.

  • And it doesn't if that helps.

  • What is the difference?

  • It has to do with what MBA professor streak Amaro halls one's mental model.

  • When you have a mental morning that say's that burnout dare not touch you.

  • That stress doesn't influence you.

  • You're able to go through the same challenges as someone who is highly stressed without feeling any mo mentum.

  • Slow down without any adverse effects on your body, but it has to do with your identity and how you see the world.

  • Most people simply on a train to perceive the world in this way, and most companies pay zero attention for the employees mental models.

  • Rather, they believe in combat stress, true process productivity consultants and other physical tools that ultimately will be useless unless you change what's going on in here in the first place.

  • So if you want to learn how to make people completely immune to stress, too exciting toe overwhelmed to look at everything from neurobiology to neuroscience to beliefs and two aspects off human performance that we're late to connection.

  • Empathy, feeling and high performance.

  • Check out mind.

  • You can learn more about our solutions for business by going to mind valley dot com forward slash business or e mailing.

burn out, by the way, is a myth.


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世界的なストレスと従業員の燃え尽きに隠された真実|Vishen Lakhiani (The Truth Behind Global Stress and Employee Burnout | Vishen Lakhiani)

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