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  • Did you guys old chat backstage?

  • Of course we did.

  • And it were.

  • You OK with Jody's accent?

  • I love the accent, but could you can you understand that no one left three times?

  • Yeah, that's a sign of discomfort.

  • Dirty *** went to America on Jody was on a late show with Stephen Colbert.

  • A lovely time chatting away.

  • Steven asked a question.

  • You answer.

  • The person who does the subtitles I feel wasn't really following the show.

  • This is what they wrote.

  • Wait, there's no we're cold.

  • Who doesn't feel it's a real place.

  • Where you from?

  • Put his field.

  • Hodess Field Beautiful.

  • Someone went to a school Miss an all new episode of The Graham Norton Show, Fridays at 11 on Catch Up Now.

Did you guys old chat backstage?


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ジョディ・ウィテカーのアクセントがケビン・ハートを神経質にさせる|グレアム・ノートン・ショー|金曜11時~|BBCアメリカ (Jodie Whittaker’s Accent Makes Kevin Hart Nervous | Graham Norton Show | Friday 11p | BBC America)

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