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  • more adventures.

  • I think they'll be lots of exciting things to go.

  • New creepy creatures even bigger and better than ever before.

  • Some familiar falls and enemies the doctor security of this entire planet is at stake.

  • Can we rely upon you?

  • Got back shipments, got scared.

  • It's got humor, has got warned.

  • It's fun, It's exciting.

  • It's escapist, it's positive, and it's got artist.

  • I'm not where I want to pay back on board with this.

  • Been weird around.

  • No, this historical episodes is futuristic episode.

  • So I think that that that mixture again is gonna work really well.

  • But I think we're on a different scale, man.

  • It's exciting.

  • It's diverse.

  • It's extraordinary.

  • It's well told and historically factual.

  • Apart from the alien bit, you believe this is close?

  • The plan.

  • You trust me don't yet go on way.

  • Paris 1943 What this season is about is about the individual characters going on their own journey, and particularly for the doctor.

  • It's a Siri's about self discovery.

  • We're going to see the 13th doctor really tested.

  • Something's coming for May.

  • I can feel it because when you mix family, I mean this is the first time you kind of really see her as the new doctor, really unsure, really Trying to make decisions and the pressures Gettinto scour effects a relationship with a group that was exciting.

  • Thio revisits certain in relationships, but also to have new ones as well, with new and old.

  • In a way, nothing's getting to the top.

  • Neither did I.

more adventures.


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