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  • while the world buckled from the cove.

  • It 19 crisis and continues to Russia for weeks, appeared to downplay the threat.

  • Even giving aid to other nations with that got us curious here at ABC News Live How?

  • But as we started to report out the situation on the ground, things rapidly started to change.

  • Patrick Reville has this report.

  • As the Corona virus ravaged Italy, there was a surprising arrival Russian military sent to help with disinfection efforts.

  • A diplomatic come from Moscow on one meant to show Russia has things under control.

  • But at home, Russians have faced an uncomfortable question.

  • Can they trust their government to tell the truth?

  • For weeks, Russia's Corona virus numbers were an outlier.

  • Despite claiming to do more tests than almost any other country, Russia's percentage of reported cases was initially very low.

  • Just 0.2% the second lowest in the world cause was unclear.

  • Some blamed poor testing.

  • Others said early border closures have helped.

  • Officials from Vladimir Putin down said things were better than elsewhere.

  • But in a country where authorities have a long history of hiding bad news, suspicions of a cover up quickly appeared.

  • The government is lying about ground requires about the quantity of cases about absence off protections.

  • Last week, during a televised exchange, Moscow's mayor finally acknowledged infections were higher than the official number.

  • After that, things shifted.

  • Putin donning a HAZ mat suit to visit Moscow Hospital, the doctor he met with now testing positive for Corona virus, a testament perhaps to a rapidly escalating situation.

  • Moscow, a city of 13 million now the center of Russia's epidemic as cases reach over 3500 nationwide.

  • Government telling Russia to lock down Senior, you may have done all measures necessary in this situation should be taken even if those not involved into the problem consider them a bit excessive for Russia today.

  • But as they say, God helps those who help themselves.

  • People ordered to stay at home, stores shuttered, streets deserted.

  • I went to a pharmacy to buy a mask.

  • There's a shortage.

  • This is it.

  • I'm going straight back home.

  • Now Russia is turning toe authoritarians technology to enforce the lock down.

  • Moscow has one of the largest facial recognition surveillance systems in the world.

  • It's now being used to check.

  • People are staying home.

  • Our charm Koha Renko developed part of the technology.

  • The system performs real time analytics of incoming video data.

  • Uh, muscle.

  • I was able to find more than 500 people who Wallace is a county in, so we can eventually.

  • How much is this?

  • People will do.

  • But there are fears.

  • The government's efforts to maintain a strong Prasad hide a much shakier reality.

  • Anastasia Vasiliev heads a doctor's campaign group.

  • She is a staunch critic of Putin, but she say she's in touch with doctors across the country who say medical supplies are severely lacking.

  • The situation is awful, really.

  • They They're suing the masks themselves.

  • They have no masks, no respirators, no glasses.

  • Eso no cooker, no costumes to protect them.

  • Um, the situation is terrible.

  • All across the Russia in Moscow and and some Peter's booking in, ah, big sieges.

  • The situation is not so bad, but also have no enough equipment, no enough protection.

  • As in China, Russia is racing to build hospitals, preparing for the inevitable influx of cases.

  • And there's elsewhere.

  • Russians are wondering, How bad will it get?

  • Patrick or evil?

  • ABC NEWS, Dublin, Ireland Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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while the world buckled from the cove.


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