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  • It's no more fear and that just go out running.

  • What's going on in Poland right now?

  • Wear sweetheart in the firing line.

  • He's a translator, not soldier.

  • You think the bombs until the difference did warn your waitress friends so she can get out?

  • Kasa, Why's your girl at home?

  • A waitress too?

  • Defeated?

  • I believe that I concern this shit.

  • No, Larry.

  • He's not like that.

  • No man is ever like that.

  • Until they are.

  • You need to leave.

  • I can help you.

  • I'm not going anywhere.

  • This is my home.

  • This one's different.

  • Every war is different Till is this You never give up?

  • No.

  • Neither should you.

  • The officer in charge.

  • But they're coming with us.

  • I don't know yet, but I do know that everything that matters to me is here, including you.

  • World on fire.

It's no more fear and that just go out running.


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A2 初級

ワールド・オン・ファイア予告編 - ショーン・ビーン|レスリー・マンヴィル|ジョナ・ハウアー=キング - BBC予告編 (World on Fire Trailer - Sean Bean | Lesley Manville | Jonah Hauer-King - BBC Trailers)

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