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  • Any of these fighters in ages will be surprised.

  • So I started playing guitar when I was about 10 years old.

  • I remember getting my first guitar like a classified ad website.

  • Four years later, I picked up a bait thing.

  • Music helped to make me a lot more confident.

  • As a person, I was in several bands for our college in university.

  • I spent quite a lot of time playing music.

  • E have a condition that was my family called retinitis pigmentosa on that essentially leads to tunnel vision on.

  • My grandmother had it on my mom has it.

  • My family's condition really got me started thinking about the things that I live missed out on.

  • If I didn't have that music sample based on DDE, that started everything about what other people want.

  • And for example, the confidence boost like that was a huge thinks.

  • Growing up, everyone should be able to experience that, and I want to take my learnings and things are building and idiotic to give that to people.

  • So last year I built a guitar called Cord Assist.

  • On the aim of this guitar is to make learning guitar more accessible for more people specifically for blind, deaf and meet people.

  • The way that this guitar works is that you essentially have a conversation with the guitar, so you can you can say to the guitar, Tell me how to play the C chord and then it will take that information on dhe.

  • It will tell you how to play the chord, using over the brow reader, the speaker or the screen.

  • During the guitar, there's a raspberry pi.

  • It's like a mini computer.

  • And what that has is software which I've written, which contains all the logic for the conversational aspect, which is powered by the actions of Google Sdk.

  • When you talk to the guitar on the actual some Google SdK handles with conversation, it will receive a response from the dialogue fly P I, and it will use that response toe out how to pay the court.

  • The difficult opponents tell me how to play the D chord.

  • We have the brow reader on which of the pins which probably down it will also have a team I displayed, which will display the core diagrams which fetched from five a storage, and I also have a speaker which will speak up the cord pattern, which is translated from the textile output from the axis of Google.

  • Sdk.

  • Using the Cloud Texas speech Tell me how to play the F chord e affect three different three G's when it comes to my career.

  • Definitely my passionate about helping office and crazy things which make our day to day task more accessible.

  • There's so much we could do the tools and technology that we have to create successful products that make the world a much more inclusive place.

  • I just want to share everything that I do with others and inspiring people to do the same things.



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Google Developers Experts Presents - コードアシスト。アクセス可能なギター (Google Developers Experts Presents - Chord Assist: The accessible guitar)

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