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  • There was a social media post the other day that said, There is Corona virus and then there is Tiger King and nothing else.

  • Many people have been taking this time at home to binge Watch The Netflix series.

  • Tiger King The Docuseries follows a society of big cat owners and conservationists.

  • One of those people is Don Luis, who has been missing since 1997.

  • Lewis was married to Carol Baskin, the target of a murder for hire plot highlighted in the series.

  • Since the show's premiere, Theo Hillsborough County, Florida, sheriff's office has seen an influx of tips and that sheriff joins us now.

  • Chad Chronis, Ter.

  • Thanks so much for being here.

  • It's a pleasure.

  • You said that there hasn't been any action on this case since 2011 and now you're getting about half a dozen tips per day.

  • What did this Siri's due?

  • To change all that.

  • I think it's It's made in the leads possible that popularity popularity of this series has helped generate leads about 1/2 a dozen a day.

  • Now I have to say no viable.

  • Lee's most are people who end up watching the Siri's and wanted to send an email or make a telephone call, and they just want to give their theory hate.

  • This is how he died, and this is who did.

  • So any of those tips that you've gotten so far have they actually been viable or lead?

  • You're credible, even nothing yet.

  • We do have a detective supervisor who's coming through every single tip that comes in.

  • Nothing viable yet.

  • But I have to tell you I remain optimistic, I'm sure, hoping as this Siri's continues to gain popularity, someone will feel comfortable coming forward and providing that missing piece that will help us solve this case.

  • What's the status of the investigation at this time?

  • It's a cold case.

  • The leads have been exhausted.

  • There's no new leads.

  • And again, I'm hoping if you watch this series you you saw that a lot of times they all thought one was firing on one another.

  • They were extremely competitive.

  • X century complicated, and they didn't trust anyone.

  • So you almost had to prove your allegiance on a daily basis.

  • Some hoping maybe one of those relationship soured now, or someone again feels more comfortable now that it's being talked about and comes forward and helps us bring justice.

  • And closure for Don Luis is family.

  • So you're among the millions of people who have seen the show.

  • What did you make of it?

  • Anything in there that you haven't checked out already?

  • No.

  • No.

  • I tell you what.

  • They have some theories that are wrong.

  • And some theories that proof suspicion.

  • You know, some of the theories that were proved wrong was Hey, you guys need to check the septic tank check.

  • Deceptive tank.

  • That's where is that?

  • The septic tank wasn't installed until years after his disappearance.

  • Then it the Siri's leads you to believe that.

  • Check the meat grinders that you know, you have to take a DNA swab on wheat meat grinders.

  • They had been removed before his disappearance.

  • And something's group proof.

  • Suspicious.

  • Uh, what wealthy person do you ever know?

  • Or did you have you ever heard about that?

  • Leaves and leaves his wealth behind, has a relationship with his Children, yet leaves this ship, leaves his shoulder behind.

  • And then one piece that everyone continue talked continues to talk about is the will.

  • I've talked a lot of probate attorneys.

  • Have you ever, ever heard of a will that has a disappearance.

  • Klaus, if I ever disappear, leave my wealth to this person, right?

  • I when I was watching, I have to admit, I've watched and I haven't gotten through the whole thing yet.

  • But that was the thing that really struck me is super odd.

  • I mean, And when you've asked that question, have they said that they've ever seen such a will?

  • That doesn't say upon my demise, but it says upon my disappearance, Yes.

  • And like I said, that's certainly suspicious.

  • And you go back, though, you know, she insists that a lot of others.

  • Hey, he left the country.

  • Well, that's that's not the case that we can see.

  • He had two passports.

  • Yes, two passports, but neither one almost flag that he ever left the country.

  • No passenger manifest on a private plane or commercial plane.

  • So I'm gonna tell you what I truly believe that that he never, never let the country what's it like to work on a case that has become a true pop culture phenomenon?

  • I tell you what, it's intriguing.

  • More importantly, I hope this is spanned over the careers of a lot of sheriffs.

  • Almost four shares, and I'm hoping that I'm the one with the hard work of these detectives.

  • And again with the popularity of this Netflix Terry's that we can solve this this case once and for all.

  • Cheryl Chronis TER Thank you so much for your time.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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There was a social media post the other day that said, There is Corona virus and then there is Tiger King and nothing else.


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