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  • just add feathers and glue.

  • Okay, So interpreting the swallow practice, Okay?

  • And they had How many minutes?

  • 33 whole minutes.

  • Wow.

  • I think you did an amazing job in three minutes.

  • Now I'm going to show you how to properly make this craft.

  • So we're gonna start off by cutting your foam into a cactus shape.

  • You can either use newspaper strips or you can use gauze.

  • Just wrap it around, take your paintbrush and your paper machine mix and cover your whole cactus and wait till it's all dry.

  • Now that your cactus is all dried, we're going to paint this.

  • Think now, Once you're pink, paint is dried.

  • We're gonna add these lovely stripes on our cactus with gold paint.

  • It's totally fine if your lines aren't straight.

  • Because do cactuses, even hab straight lines.

  • Sorry.

  • Cock die, not cactuses.

  • Grammar rise.

  • Want your gold stripes are done and dried.

  • You're gonna get your popsicle sticks and stick it out the bottom like so if your popsicle stick is a little too long thing, you could go ahead and cut it.

  • You want to cut the popsicles thick enough so that when you put it in your pot.

  • It fits perfectly.

  • When you're hot, glue is heated up.

  • Just add a drop.

  • Take your feather at it on top.

  • Look out now, you could go crazy with it.

  • So we're gonna start off with a pot that we already painted white that you're gonna take your paint fresh and your craft glue carefully painted while you're glue is still wet.

  • This is where things get a little messy.

  • What?

  • Bam!

  • Put some glitter on the table like that.

  • You want to gently roll this pot?

  • Oh, honey is looking cute.

  • So now that your pot is all dried with the glitter, just throw in some grass, then you're gonna pop in your cute little cactus.

  • We called cute.

  • This is That is all for my corrupt.

  • Thank you guys.

  • So much for watching.

just add feathers and glue.


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' ナワオンザフライ'サボテンクラフトYes理論で再現してみた作り方 (‘Nava on the Fly’: How to Make the Cactus Craft Yes Theory Tried to Recreate)

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