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  • I hate this school.

  • This food is gross.

  • I have nothing to wear.

  • Those are just few of the many things that we, as human beings have all complained about before.

  • And I'm sure that we've all found our parents to be unbearable, our siblings to be despicable.

  • And I'm positive that most of us have found high school to be a place of nightmares.

  • And I could go on and on and on about all the things that I've complained about in my life, and I'm sure that most of you would have a lot to add to that list.

  • But I'm also sure that someone, somewhere, has told you once before to quit complaining and to be great.

  • And I'm here to give you that exact same message for the 1000th time, because with my recent experiences with Terrapin Day and a couple of personal experiences, I want to tell you guys that for every situation that we complain about, there is someone somewhere that would give their everything to be us.

  • Now the reason I wanted to to be the topic of my talk is because of my recent experiences with Terrapin Day and for those of you that don't know what Terrapin Date is.

  • It's basically a day where our whole school, every level at Temple Prep, we take a day and we go out and give back to the community that has so graciously given back given to us and for my Terrapin day.

  • I spent it driving warm meals to people that were homebound people that couldn't leave the house.

  • And so what happened was, I drove over to this woman's house in this not so nice apartment complex.

  • I got out of the car, walked up to the front door.

  • I know now the door was made out of glass, so I watched as a little lady waddle down the hallway.

  • She opened the door, looked at me, looked at the food in my hand and her face.

  • Brian does now.

  • Her face lit up because she was depending on that meal to get her through the rest of the day.

  • But that's not what stuck with me the most.

  • After introducing myself, I asked her if she needed help bringing in the food.

  • She smiled.

  • She said Yes, turned around and close the door, leaving me outside with the food and so it took me a couple seconds registered.

  • What had happened?

  • So I knocked again, watched her waddle down the same hallway, open the door, look at me and her face lit up again.

  • I realized that in that prior seven second interaction, she had completely forgotten who I was.

  • And so I reintroduce myself.

  • I asked her again if she needed help bringing the food.

  • She smiled again, said yes, turned around and close the door, leaving me once more outside with the food.

  • And so I did it all over again.

  • She came out, she saw me, her face lit up.

  • And right before she was right before she turned around to close the door on me.

  • For the third time, I held out my hand and was able to bring the food inside.

  • But that lady made me realize two things.

  • The first thing is that my life is already extremely blessed.

  • I get three healthy meals a day, and I don't depend on anybody to bring me my bare necessities.

  • She also made me realize there are so many people in this world that are sick, whether it's mentally or physically, they cannot live the lives that we live and they cannot do the things that we do because they're ill.

  • Those are two things that I'm grateful for food and health, because I know that in this world there are millions and millions of people that are deprived from the two things that I am lucky enough to have access to all the time.

  • And now my next point is more of a personal one.

  • But it's also for all of us that have ever complained about our families.

  • You see, I used to complain about my family whenever they made me upset, are frustrated, but that was up until I'd say, five years ago when I was in Colombia.

  • You see, what happened was I was walking around this sect of Colombia, known as District 13.

  • Now District 13 was this district in Colombia that was war torn between a terrorist group in Colombia's national government.

  • And as I was walking around this district, I saw a playground, and in this playground there was a man sitting on the bed, but right next to where that man was sitting, there are four bullet, and as soon as the man saw me looking at the bullet holes.

  • He waved me over, and so I walked over to him and he pulled me in and he said, You see this one?

  • This one ended my wife's life.

  • This one killed my son.

  • This one over here took away my daughter in.

  • This one stole my leg.

  • I looked down, and odd enough, he was an amputee.

  • But later what I come to learn that playground that he was sitting in was actually a memorial built in honor of his kids and the other kids that were lost in that military conflict.

  • From that day on, I never took my family for granted.

  • I learned to appreciate and cherish all the time I got with them because I didn't know at what time could be ripped away from.

  • We now have this tradition in my family that none of us can go to sleep without saying good night to the rest of us is we don't know if it'll be the last time we ever get to speak to each other.

  • What I'm trying to say is that what I want everyone to realize, it's that we as a society have to come together and realize that we are so lucky for what we have that we are so blessed that what with what we've been given, I want everyone to see, because I know that everyone sometimes goes through hardships and they all and all of us think the same thing that our life sucks.

  • But I can assure you that when you feel that way, there is someone somewhere in the world that is struggling a little bit more than you with a lot less than what you have.

  • So let's just smile and be great, Think.

I hate this school.


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