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  • What we're looking at now is the apex top of the curve, uh, roughly at the end of April, which means another month off.

  • This the apex, the recent numbers you could need 110 101 110,000 cove it beds.

  • What does that mean?

  • Beds for Cove It people, as opposed to other people who are in the hospitals for other reasons.

  • 37,000 ventilators.

  • That is our current model.

  • That model.

  • That model is based on minimum or minimal impact from social distancing, high compliance with social distancing.

  • You still have 75,000 covert beds, is opposed to 100 and 10.

  • You're 25,000 ventilators.

  • Okay, so when I keep pushing for high compliance on social distancing, it's because high compliance and social distancing will reduce the number.

  • That's where they began talking about flattened, occur, flattened curve.

  • Flatten the curve with social distancing.

  • This says this is the difference between high compliance with social distancing and less compliance.

  • If you have high compliance, you're down to 75,000 covert beds, 25,000 ventilators less.

  • It goes up to 110 and 37.

  • Interestingly, both are looking at the same point of Apex.

  • It's just a lower apex, and you come up with a public health strategy that is consistent with people getting out of their homes and starting to get back to work.

  • Yes, you can.

  • My opinion is, the best way to do that is to come up with a rapid testing procedure where people can test, they know who's positive, they know who's negative, and they know who couldn't go back to work and come up with the test quickly.

  • And they're starting.

  • That is readily available that people can do at home, so you can take the test, know where you are and weaken.

  • Uh, start ending this this terrible situation that we're in, uh, also you come up with testing and rapid testing.

  • Not only do you get up and get the economy running, you end the anxiety.

  • The anxiety is what is most oppressive here.

  • We're going to take more dramatic actions were going.

  • We are going to close down the New York City playgrounds.

  • I've talked about this for weeks.

  • I warned people that if they didn't stop the density and the games in the playgrounds, you can't play basketball.

  • You can't come in contact with each other that we would close the playgrounds.

  • I've spoken to a speaker Johnson from New York City who feels very strongly about this.

  • It did from Day one.

  • We agreed initially with the mayor that we would try compliance and the mayor was going to try to use the N Y.

  • P D to enforce compliance, social distancing and playgrounds.

  • It is still a problem.

  • We're working with the speaker.

  • We're working with the mayor, but we're going to close down the city playgrounds and leave the open spaces available.

  • My brother Christopher's I told you yesterday tested positive for the Corona virus.

  • He's at home.

  • He's doing fine enough.

  • He has a fever.

  • He has chills, uh, symptoms of basically a very bad flu.

  • Uh, but I want I think this is illustrated illustrative in a number of ways.

  • First, the wall, anyone can get this disease relatively, Lee.

  • Young people, strong people, people who take a lot of vitamin pills.

  • People who go to the gym a lot.

  • Uh, anyone can get this disease.

  • There is no superhero who is immune from this disease that goes for new Yorker as well as a Texan.

  • As long as well, as a California.

  • Anyone can get it.

  • No one can be protected from it.

  • I couldn't protect my own brother.

  • So what's the positive show?

  • The country?

  • What it means to have Corona virus And that information that experience can be helpful to people.

  • And that's why he did the show last night.

  • Okay, have Corona virus.

  • But you know what?

  • Here I am.

  • I'm doing my show.

  • I didn't fall over.

  • I didn't collapse.

  • Uh, it's not a death sentence.

  • Here I am.

  • I'm doing my show.

  • Kudos to him.

  • My pop would be proud.

  • I love you, little brother.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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What we're looking at now is the apex top of the curve, uh, roughly at the end of April, which means another month off.


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