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  • RICK: Hey, Erik.

  • What's up? - Check this out.

  • RICK: You've got a piece of wood.

  • ERIK: Not just a piece of wood.

  • But it's a piece of wood stained with blood from the house where

  • General Sickles had his leg amputated

  • at the Battle of Gettysburg.

  • You know, I mean, say what you will about him--

  • RICK: He gave his life. [laughs]

  • He did give his life.

  • [laughter]

  • General Sickles was a corps commander

  • during the Battle of Gettysburg, the most bloody

  • battle on North American soil.

  • Sickles lost his leg, because it was hit by a cannonball.

  • I'm asking 4,000.

  • I always come when I want to raise

  • money to buy another artifact.

  • RICK: I mean, this is really neat.

  • I know before the whole leg thing in Gettysburg, Sickles

  • became kind of infamous for killing a guy

  • that was his wife's lover.

  • ERIK: General Sickles was one of the more colorful

  • characters of the Civil War, especially

  • the Battle of Gettysburg.

  • The big blunder was he moved his forces

  • out further than he should have, and they

  • got slaughtered out there.

  • And that's when he had his leg hit by the cannonball.

  • Then he had his leg packed up.

  • And it was sent down to the Army Medical Museum,

  • and is actually there today.

  • RICK: Cool.

  • Most items from the Civil War are

  • highly collectible, especially if they're

  • connected to Gettysburg.

  • But I have to admit, this thing is a little out there.

  • Sort of like General Sickles.

  • And this is the floorboards from the medical hospital?

  • ERIK: No, no.

  • This is the floorboard from the Daniel Shaefer farm.

  • There's a quote in here from Sickles

  • saying he did go to that house.

  • We know for a fact that he did recuperate there.

  • And we know for a fact that it was an army hospital

  • and there were a lot of amputations there.

  • And we also know for a fact that this is human blood on here

  • because I tested it.

  • So you don't know if it's actually his blood.

  • ERIK: There's no way to tell if it's actually Sickles' blood.

  • OK.

  • I mean, it's interesting--

  • I mean, the whole Sickles thing-- but we

  • really can't tie the wood to Sickle, really.

  • Except for that's where he was.

  • I just don't see anybody buying it.

  • ERIK: Anything from the Battle of Gettysburg is a good piece.

  • It's a board from an army hospital during the Civil War.

  • I mean, an important--

  • Battle of Gettysburg.

  • Battle of Gettysburg and everything, but--

  • dude, I wish I could do business with you.

  • I just don't think--

  • it's going to be too tough to sell.

  • I'm sorry, dude.

  • All right.

  • RICK: It's not for me.

  • OK.

  • All right, have a good one, man.

  • OK.

  • Sometimes he buys and sometimes he doesn't.

  • Next time Rick sees me, I'm going to have something

  • that's going to blow him away.

RICK: Hey, Erik.


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