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  • When I walked down those steps, I slipped and fell

  • and that accident would change my life forever.

  • Dr. A prescribed me a 120 hydrocodone.

  • I started taking them and then he said, "Okay.

  • You're going to see me in a month." The addiction.

  • the love for these pills happened so fast because within three

  • weeks before I went back to see the other doctor that he was

  • referring me to for the therapy, he was writing the same script

  • for me and I was trying to figure out a way to keep both scripts.

  • At this point, I didn't know what I was doing.

  • [music]

  • I was taking 35 pills a day, which was six at a time all day.

  • If I didn't have them for a certain amount

  • of hours, I would start feeling withdrawal.

  • I know so many people that raise kids that

  • are in the church and they think, "Okay.

  • My kid has a 4.0 GPA.

  • My kid has a scholarship." At the end of the day,

  • I was one of those children that was raised

  • up in a great home and the audiologist said,

  • "You're going to some type of hearing loss.

  • Are you taking any drugs?"

  • I was saying to this guy, "No. I'm not taking any drugs. I'm fine."

  • One of my primary physicians said to me,

  • "Ms. Ellis, I can't prescribe you anymore. "

  • Laura said, " Guess why you went there?"

  • He was writing down notes because I couldn't hear.

  • I just realized that I was at the end of the road

  • because my name was being flagged so many times

  • in all these different pharmacies and I never

  • took a painkiller since then at that moment.

  • That was August 8th, 2010.

  • [music]

  • I had my son Houston, at 24 weeks

  • gestation on the back of an ambulance.

  • I was fully deaf.

  • I got the first implant surgery on the right side when

  • he was two years old and I had never heard his voice.

  • We have to tell our stories because

  • there are so many pathways to recovery.

  • People need hope and whole towns are dying and people need to see

  • people like me that are striving and thriving and you can overcome it.

  • [music]

When I walked down those steps, I slipped and fell


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回復への声家族の回復の専門家ケイ (Voices for recovery: Kay, family recovery specialist)

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