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  • so our coverage of cogs is brought to you by Corsair in the corsair.

  • 1 40 I 16 course there, one pro 80 Which is this guy right here.

  • This is my first time getting hands on with it.

  • And I gotta tell you, I'm pretty impressed.

  • First and foremost, we've We've seen this this change where brands go or even buyers go from wanting a big case.

  • And then people want small cases.

  • They want big cases again, and then they want small cases again.

  • What we tend to find is as as performance really starts to get packed in smaller packages as performance really starts to scale up, you find that the size of it also tends to scale down, making small form factor stuff very possible.

  • Now, this is the I 80 which is the Corsair one pro.

  • This is an ex to 99.

  • It's got an ass rock.

  • Many I t X motherboard in there using Quad Channel.

  • So dim memory.

  • It's also all crammed into approximately 8 12 leader chassis is what they're calling conviction assisted cooling.

  • I mean, go and show you what that mantle quits on the top.

  • Right here.

  • You've got this fan that's got this medal and this is metal, that this metal sort of grill on here and the fan is an exhaust fan, so it's pulling up because he naturally rises.

  • Right?

  • So it's a weak force, but it's a force nonetheless that exists on the side.

  • You'll find that you have these preparations.

  • Is one here and one here, and these sides can open up just breaking it.

  • As you can see, we have this little bitty baby kind of a Iot cooler in there, and then we've got one over here, too, and this one's for the GPU.

  • Now these air, not conventional sizes.

  • This is not a to 40 and this is 1 20 This is proprietary specifically to this chassis.

  • You can see how they have the fittings coming off the side.

  • They do rotate.

  • But as you can see, this is not a standard 121 140.

  • It's also pretty slim.

  • If I had to guess, it's about 25 million years about the fitness of a fan, but there's no fans on it, as you can see, if we, in fact rotate this this way, you can see the motherboard with this so damn slots, this particular one has a 1920 accident.

  • So that is a 12 core extreme processor that is also running water cooler on it.

  • Very similar H i o court to find, like the H 100 crow are one of the I pro.

  • And on the GPS side of things, this is also running a 28 e.

  • T.

  • I with another fairly proprietary cooler on it.

  • So again, the same type of a Iot pump, but it also has a heat sink and a fan blowing down directly on the power delivery.

  • Now, that's what makes one of the questions that I had sort of answered before I could actually ask.

  • Dimitri had actually asked the keynote that we were at Couldn't you just make this a bare bone system?

  • If people wanted to to use this, build it up themselves.

  • The problem is with the way everything is very meticulously thought out in terms of wire routing the wires at a pre installed because the GPU solution is not it's not universal.

  • You could put in air cooler in here technically, but then you really are gonna be choking it off even though it has this preparation here, they did say they tested it.

  • In fact, the first course there one version of this last year did offer an air cooled solution, but he won the blower sorrow cooler.

  • It just was not optimal that was having It's a lesson desirable thermal performance.

  • So these blocks and the cooler in the V.

  • R M and all that is pretty specific to the graphics card.

  • So if you had to get with graphics card already in it and exactly this motherboard, those air two components you have control over, which takes away the whole idea of a bare bones, typically bare bones is Chessie Power Supply and maybe a couple of other features in there and that's it.

  • You have to build out the rest of it.

  • So because you would have to go with this cooling solution in this graphic card and this motherboard and this power supply, then you technically are not bare bones at that point.

  • But you know this, I said, There's no fans on this because once you close it up and you've got this large fan on the top and it is held together by screws which we don't have here.

  • So I'm having to kind of like, So we are gonna be doing some videos on this.

  • We are gonna be doing a review of it.

  • Way initially passed in review last year because I was kind of like, You know, it's another pre built system, but I think that there's a lot of unique, nifty features in this that warrant at least a tear down upgrade ability, all that sort of stuff.

  • Interestingly, it's using so dim memory.

  • Sodium is laptop memory.

  • If you know where is.

  • It's just that's the format of it, and you can get some pretty fast, so dim the problem is fast sodium.

  • Those two words together usually have a pretty premium cost to it versus, like regular DDR five or DDR four sticks.

  • So do you are five pieces.

  • But so getting DDR four so dim that's fast.

  • Let's say like 4800 megahertz or something like that, you're gonna pay for it, so it does come in a premium.

  • This particular model retails for 4999 taller, so it definitely has a sting.

  • But this amount of this amount of performance packed into 12 leaders.

  • Someone out there wants this, I'm sure.

  • Which is why it exists.

  • So you could see that on our channel later on.

  • But, guys, Thanks for taking a look at this video of the Corsair.

  • One pro semi tear down.

  • I mean, Stephen, Kyle, unfeeling people that could tear these down.

  • And Linus, whatever, Kyle, technically built something up, not tear down.

  • We sort of toward it down, but not really whatever.

  • I'm losing my train.

  • So, guys, Thanks for watching again.

  • A huge taking a course there for sending us out here.

  • And as always, we'll see you guys in a couple of minutes.

so our coverage of cogs is brought to you by Corsair in the corsair.


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