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  • DEBORAH BORDA: We are all so pleased to have all of you here

  • so we can share with you some news about the transformation

  • of David Geffen Hall.

  • It won't be just a renovation of the hall.

  • What it really is going to be is a reimagination

  • of what will be one of the finest concert

  • halls in the world.

  • GARY MCCLUSKIE: You're looking at a completely new spaces,

  • an entirely transformed hall.

  • We are so much closer to the music.

  • PAUL SCARBROUGH: The entirety of this orchestra floor.

  • The entirety of the first here will be under 100 feet

  • from the stage.

  • You'll be able to watch the conductor

  • as he or she communicates with the orchestra.

  • JAAP VAN ZWEDEN: And we will be more connected and more closer

  • to you than ever before.

  • BILLIE TSIEN: If there is a transformed musical experience,

  • we'd like to think that there's also

  • a transformed social experience.

  • What we're saying to the city of New York is,

  • "Come in, we welcome you."

  • HENRY TIMMS: This is the north facade of 60 feet.

  • You see that the moment is very closed off.

  • Think of this as a canvas, as a place

  • where we can commission site specific, works of art,

  • engaging with new generations, engagings with new audiences.

  • DEBORAH BORDA: And we couldn't be more excited about what's

  • about to happen.

  • Thank you very much for being here today.




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デイビッド・ゲーフェンホールの計画が発表されました。ビデオハイライト (David Geffen Hall Plans Announced: Video Highlights)

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