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I have a scary old lady, but I'd side air decide for yourselves about my car.
Daddy hired a guard to get the leg for doll.
Oh, man, I could I think I could got this one already.
What did I do?
No good.
I No, wait.
No, I didn't have his No.
Oh, never mind.
I give away.
So I couldn't have gotten this one.
Have to do the nugget mission again.
Of course I do.
I'm already start today nor not, because what do we need?
I needs tool belt and the prestigious pin.
Got it.
Okay, that's not what it up.
Gonna get that back?
No good.
Actually, that's right.
No notice.
Three items, no good disease.
That's got as large side stop for a donut hole.
I think we should be able to actually go down.
Wait, hold on.
I need to get a little drinky poo.
Shih lips say city in her belly.
Cherry soda trace.
What is the best one?
What would you want?
Any other one?
And that's just something with the hit divided vanilla in it.
Then I would actually be delightful.
Every delight against Ugo clapped out.
Go slick 11.
Okay, Inside of data, Doggett, all let me jump in on.
We can get the video.
You're gonna get the leg, and then we should be able to go to wait.
I don't have the money to go.
Can you tell us something?
It was supposed to get to the class.
I I don't know.
I get rid of it.
I need the lank doctor decided.
Spider, This friend, The story doesn t j but the bell rings.
We can't detect city.
Go to the How am I gonna get the money?
Because any $3 to get to the class today.
Do you want the like cats on the leg?
Maybe you could actually get up Thio science class anyway.
Oh, I can't do that, Queen.
So how Fricker This'd skeleton of something?
It isn't a Cuban, but it doesn't ever want to take some money.
And it's exactly $3.
I'm sorry about the drugs that can't afford the lab feet.
He's going to jail before target.
Oh, sorry.
Right to go to science.
You would about a part of it going to be slaughtered by the Dodge balls.
You're not afraid of dogging it all.
I guess not.
No good.
I'm so sorry you want Do you want the leg, Doctor?
Oh, I see.
You like the leg I used to have to, but the other went missing.
I found it.
Also Ladan.
Thank you for your assistance.
Here's a Munsterman card with a sheriff.
That's our These legs come to be in the state.
They're in, after all.
Just go through all of this for one carriage.
You old ultra Ladan Deal six image.
That's pretty good.
That's the blue version of I just want a whole deck of these guys.
The ones that deal six damage.
I'll never be able to use any of them.
Run out of Mana every time.
What are the other Dr Downer ones I need to do here?
Uh, given by Dr Downer by taking a slide from his fish tank and examining it under a microscope?
Okay, boxes, sites take a slight.
That's how we do it.
I was always wondering how he interacted with the fish.
Here we go.
Okay, examine this line.
Oh, it seems you have discovered my little squids.
They're so tiny, you can barely see them in the tank over there.
The fork.
I just think they're neat on their ink is an extremely potent neurotoxin, and you're keeping them in a classroom.
I'll give you one of those silly months from one carriage.
If you don't say anything to Ozzy, you explain the squid.
It's wet exit.
Now, please go back to studying the subject.
There was another doctor, Danner.
Why make it the mall given by Dr Downer for actually taking an interest in plants?
How do we actually take an interest in plants?
Need to science.
But I already took one.
OK, wait.
Can I restart science?
Because they still have both of those cards.
So maybe I can actually get a slide and do something with the plant.
Did did you just actually examine that poured?
Boring plans?
I did.
You must be ahead at parties.
Well, I guess you deserve something for actually doing the work.
Here's a monster Munch card.
Chill, stump.
That's what I call it when I don't have an erection.
Uh, located in the beehive after it's shaken down.
There was one mission where I had to drop a beehive on, Penny.
I can't remember.
Who's that?
Maybe Ozzy's given by Monty for negotiating.
Well, when selling Felix is stuff, I also don't know which one that is given by Cindy.
Forgiving her gravy.
Gravy is okay.
I need the one with the boyfriend given by Ozzie for giving him toilet paper in the bathroom.
123456 Only seven left, Located in the back corner of the principal secret lab.
Oh, I have to do the last mission again.
I could have gotten I just didn't know it was there.
Given by gender after your cocks the toilet while gaining custody of Cindy's doll in opposites attract.
Okay, See, I wish it would say that.
I wish I could say the mission each of them were in.
Didn't the box Billy was hiding it.
So if I do the last mission again, this'll one.
I should be able to get both talk.
Two billion.
Lily should be able to get the thing here.
Streak the plushy.
Is that the signals?
Am I doing it right?
There we go.
All right.
No, I want it.
I want to go back in.
I'll be back in the hole.
I should go down again.
Billy might have their government.
Oh, come on.
I wanted to go in there at the beginning.
I don't want to have to wait again.
Let's go all the way to the end of the mission.
All Penny's crying.
No, Bob's fighting.
Am I allowed to go over to the box?
Go on.
I have to be here.
I thought if you go over to the box to get the thing Oh, man, there must be another.
Oh, God.
Honey, there must be another way of doing it if for guy.
Okay, so there's a carriage somewhere here in the back corner.
Let me just let me just check around.
You guys do your thing.
I'm just going to check the corners of this room.
No, I thought I'm gonna die.
Wait, get to it.
But I see the card down there.
Oh, I want it.
I want it so bad.
Can I do to turn this?
Are you gonna suck us all in?
As soon as I get anywhere near you?
You better not.
You better not.
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Yeah, the slurp er can I leave don't even go back into the other room.
There was another time that I was actually able to get into that room.
Maybe you could just actually enter it normally.
And I don't actually have to do this mission it all.
Well, it was fun, guys, but I'm gonna bounce out and do a different one.
Uh, what is the slipper like?
Chill, Stump Knight who turned evil?
Oh, yeah, I got that for the the Felix and Ted.
One tiny square deal to damage reduce.
Okay, Sloper, deal eight damage.
Hecker yet let's get rid of you, and I'm gonna have the ultimate cards.
Oh, my God.
This is amazing.
My team's gonna be so strong.
I can't get no get out during this mission.
Bell's gonna ring though, right?
Oh, I could have gotten in.
I do get to come back out, though.
At some point, right?
I got a smart class because this is part of the mission.
I come back out during this mission.
I knew there was another mission where I went down because I squeaked the push here.
They were like, You shouldn't be here.
And away I go.
I'm such a sneaky little scientists.
$5 as well.
Marion, The money.
Okay, So just to make sure through these boxes Okay, squeak the pushy.
Okay, there.
Follow along.
In this There we go.
Mysterious package Don Maroni I have left located in the beehive effort Shaking down, given by Monty Came by Ozzie given by Cindy Forgiving her gravy given by the giant refugee.
Unclog the toilet from gaining custody of Cindy's dollars.
Opposites attract so none of the missions.
Where is that one?
Like, given to you during this during opposites attract.
But the other ones don't tell you which one it did That does it for this one, then Okay, Okay.
Moving along nicely back to my bedroom.
I'm like a time Trevor during this one.
It's like getting to a certain point, driving the car and then hitting my watch and going back to my bedroom with Sarah today and going Ha ha.
My collection is almost complete.
Look at it.
It's so close.
What's gonna happen when I press this button?
Is that it?
Be cool.
If it was a progression to it like, it shook a little bit and I was like, Ah, so close.
Is the book is the carrot shelf gonna move and there's gonna be like, I don't know, like, Elvis is gonna be behind there and just gonna sing a song for me.
So if I take the toilet paper from Dr Danner later, y'all have toilets to clog away.
I should just said, May I leave?
I think that's just faster.
Do this, then clog the toilet.
And then if I go in and talk to Cindy because she calls him the Bucks, she calls him after I play house with her.
If I don't spray her playhouse, that Cindy, she's she goes to call the janitor, I think.
What are you doing here?
It's not the weekend or Thanksgiving.
I'm here for my daughter.
I know you are, but I would be neglecting my duties as a mother if I let her go in a filthy boozer such as yourself clean.
00 really?
You've been attending your meetings.
Then Let's see your 30 day pin.
I don't have it with three.
You haven't been going just noted of what I'm doing.
I'm doing out of love.
What are you doing?
This is the janitor.
I know that you gave me this number.
Now, if you want any more stuff from my dad's liquor cabinet, you'll come in here and be a cop.
Get a busy unclogging a toilet at the moment, okay?
Or them funny monster mon cards.
You kiddos like you coming or not?
You're officious little spitfire.
You figure it out.
Get your crazy old butt in here and do what I say.
My, my, my daughter.
Give her back No!
All right, What happens if it wanted to pass it now?
I couldn't get the carriage.
Schumer Kid's room card in toilets, making me unclog toilets.
You have most of my card.
Oh, yeah.
Reminds me of my last my long lost son.
So it's dirty and ugly.
I'm giving it away to a random person ago.
That's a fun one.
Uh, where's Aga?
No, Here.
Oh, deal.
Three damage post three.
Damage of your hand is all blue.
Four to go.
Giving Cindy gravy.
All right.
Giving monty given by Ozzie forgiving him toilet paper in the bathroom.
So when do I do that?
That's a good one.
It's beehive time.
Uh, put the contraband behind the tree.
Plant the contraband.
Good day, Petty.
Hello, Felix.
It is a good day, isn't it?
The sun is shining and the Yes, yes, cut the chitchat and then we shake the tree.
There should be a carrot here.
What did it?
Why didn't I check this?
This seems obvious now that I'm here.
Usually anything that happens.
Oh, yeah.
It's kissy time.
That's why after God, because I was like, Are they going to do it?
And they just left immediately.
And then it went in and saw something that my tiny little virgin I shouldn't have seen.
I got the tallest tree, but I didn't get gravy.
For this is the same mission where I have to give her vegan food given by Cindy forgiving her gravy.
Gravy is given by Agnes for giving her a vegan meal.
But she didn't.
She give me a salad.
Flowers for Diana story line.
Once you've attained the vegan salad for Cindy, don't give it to Felix.
Skip ahead to recess and go down the alley and give it to Agnes the Dumpster hag in exchange for a cat gravy.
That's disgusting.
You okay?
Got anything vegan?
I owe you.
And then I talked to Carol and she distracts Stevie so I could go in and get the flower.
This is complex.
I don't know how I would have done this.
Naturally, I would have been here forever.
Searching for things.
Twin sister.
Don't I have a salad for you?
Oh, hey, Indio.
I haven't wanted me since my hippy dippy days.
Reminds me of my cat gravy.
Do you want him?
Oh, her cats are named these things.
Tenders, gravy.
Got it.
I keep thinking she actually has cat gravy.
I'm sure.
Oh, I get to give everyone cats.
This is actually kind of wholesome.
Where's my cat?
When do I get to have a cat?
Felix couldn't give me my food.
I gotta bounce until I'm not angry anymore.
That's a good, solid plan.
Trampoline will do that for you.
You want this cat so cute.
What's his name?
That's perfect.
My dog biscuit went missing.
So having gravy is the next best thing.
That's actually really nice.
You deserve a reward.
Here's the monster Mon carried part of Greece on ended all the cat ones?
Yes, heal four h b.
If your last discarded Karen is green and then feel he heal four h b.
If your last discarded carrot is blue and yellow czar, the others are like the support carrots sweet to left, given by Marty for negotiating well when selling Felix's stuff.
I feel like I've done this already.
I feel like I've sold Felix's stuff before.
Is it the weed that I'm selling?
Give him a Ozzy forgiving him toilet paper in the bathroom.
Okay, I feel like any mission could probably do this.
Oh, man, the other one is that way.
I mean, that timeline right now.
I mean, the flowers for Diana.
One early.
Yes, Drew fire from Dana's story line.
You'll be tested hiding some contraband in the tree and the shaking the beehive.
Did I go in?
Now I go back to lunch and actually continue this.
Ah, yeah, Perfect.
Then the last one is giving toilet paper for Ozzy when he's in the box.
And poor Ozzie, he's just got a little poopy poopy.
But we've all been there, man.
I got a poopy, but you don't know how to deal with it.
I feel you, bro.
Carol, you're an extortionist.
But you do do good work.
Doo doo.
Uh, wait, Kaneda.
Monty, Immediately.
It's worth more than that.
Uh, sure.
I'm sorry I messed up.
The mission.
Looks I still I have business to attend to Tutta.
Oh, no.
Okay, so now we're moving on into the last one, which is supposed to be the hitman's potty guards.
That's such an ordeal.
Is this one, though?
It's put on a different outfit for this one.
What was the other one I got last time that I was really happy about O teacher?
The way of the teacher already?
Oh, I got the janitor as well.
That was it.
Oh, so cute.
Yes, I shall be Miss jiggle tits today.
I wonder if she'll notice if I talked to her.
Okay, whatever.
That would have been fun.
Hitman's party guard.
What do we need to start off with on that sort of mission?
By talking to Phoenix and then 10 0 yeah.
This one's a big one.
This one has the most information on it.
Get the vending machine coupon from Cara.
Got it.
Uh, use your report card to go to science class.
Take the assessment and accept the toilet paper as your price.
Okey dokey.
Um, I wonder if I could just skip through it if I actually have to do the missions.
Take assessment.
20 papers, the 1st 1 Okay.
Ask if you may leave, then go to the vending machine and used a coupon to buy a passbook.
Same thing.
It just continues.
You scoop on a passbook.
Got it.
Skip ahead to lunch by a burger.
Then use your past passport to go to the boy's bathroom and skip ahead until Ozzy comes to use the toilet.
So as he comes in to use the toilet and then he runs out of toilet paper.
There you go.
Thank you.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
You can have this.
Must've scared.
Do do book.
I got the ball.
Hey, I said do do earlier you grasses deals to damage.
Okay, Sweet.
Now we can restart and go back to my bedroom.
This is it.
We're gonna see what this is.
I have no idea what this is.
I literally have no idea about anything that this ending has to offer.
Wait, Who are you?
Hello, friend of dog.
Are you no good together of the Thomas Mints?
Oh, hi, Nugget, please Cover.
Dug it Doing in my all questions will soon be I cert died The sacred robes.
The comet dug it.
Oh, my God.
Look, it's part of a carrot colt.
Behold a secret.
Santa Voz Subodh ways this behind Maple case.
Where else would it be?
In the know Kitt Cave, Asgard, You would think with the 50 Thomas Mints Don't get Could do unspeakable things like blood.
Now I'm going to show you.
Behold the power of nugget.
Oh, hell, yeah!
Got down now, Okay?
Simply snaps his fingers.
Oh, my God!
Use Thanos.
It is done.
What's dug?
Cobb quickly dug It Does not want to be late for school.
No, I got this is awesome.
Are people gonna get dusted?
Oh, dear.
Why is the sky turned red?
It's not my doing.
I ever think that would turn this guy green, but that's safely contained in the Applegate.
I don't feel so good.
I think that's the withdrawal talking.
No, I mean, I Yeah.
Uh Oh, God, that's awesome!
Did you figure out a room?
I actually going crazy.
So, Cindy, a Spiderman.
Everyone remain calm.
I'm sure everything is fine.
Oh, Margaret.
Yes, sister.
Dear Hogan, market assist you.
One of the new students has a vanished.
I need you to find her immediately.
Oasis Way might be in trouble here.
Oh, jeez, Felix, I think it's happening to me too.
Oh, lookee me.
It saves me the trouble of having to do it myself.
Tata, Teddy.
But Felix, I thought you nobody gets my stuff.
I mean it.
It all goes, Watty, No payment.
Sorry, everybody, dear, but you don't think they'll be able to clean this up?
Oh, it's so spooky.
At least I'll get to see my dad again.
Oh, that's sad.
I will be able to observe this phenomenon.
It could have had excellent weaponization proper.
See you later, Mommy.
Mommy, I'm scared.
I don't want to.
This'll scar to be happening.
What do we even do?
I'm telling you, new modern thes sauce can be dangerous.
Monitoring is the myth is the ninth most dangerous job.
Oh, hey, wait, Stop!
Did you can't just quit on your first stay.
We're offending these hiding spots.
Is Lily will be up to Dr Operation here.
Lily's gone.
I just know that the young master did collect them all.
Simply incredible.
This is so cool.
Okay, I knew they wouldn't get me ass.
No good.
Asked Half.
Yeah, it looks like half.
No, it doesn't want half.
You don't tug.
It wants the ball.
Oh, Nugget.
This is your strange vibes all over it.
What did you do?
Oh, where you're so weird.
What are you wearing?
Oh, he saddles and gore.
Oh, uh, perhaps I spoke too soon.
Nugget is the most powerful.
Honestly, I'm glad you got more violently turning you to justice for nerds and sissies.
Oh, come on.
I didn't get dusted.
Denies Get blasted with light.
No, Teddy, come back.
I'd rather be dusted than a bloody mess.
This isn't how I'm supposed to die.
I knew it.
I knew these.
You kids will be nothing but trouble.
Garden is about 50 miss principle.
Something's wrong.
The new hall monitor just disappear.
But what happened out here?
Everyone is.
Everyone is thick.
Go home, Stevie.
But who will monitor the halls.
Just go home.
I'll see you tomorrow.
No, it's over.
What You kill?
Everybody decided.
Side you kill everyone again.
Gets right.
It's Rog, Look!
And if I don't get left Nugget, I don't get the thread alive.
What do you mean again?
No, God has done this before.
Does that mean you'll do it again?
Perhaps heads?
Now go to think about it.
You do that Well, the dog is it spread.
Do I'm going to go home.
Farewell, friend of Nugget.
Like to take this side to thank you for driving here for kindergarten, do you?
Well, cook now, if you'll excuse Nugget Nugget as the Nugget came to dig Nugget is the best character.
I got an achievement that called What did it cost?
Oh, so good.
Oh, what a legendary ending.
I'm so glad now that I got spoiled for me.
That was America ble.
Thanks for playing.
Oh, how fun!
You're all back alive again.
That was good.
That was a good nod, Mr Developer person.
I like that a lot.
A soon as they saw that it was like nugget could do unspeakable things was a plate.
Is he gonna snap and kill everybody?
That was good.
That took a lot of efforts.
But seriously, sometimes with these types of things, I get a little bit spoilt, like somebody says something that hints out.
And then I can kind of guess, But this I had no idea that this is what happened.
I'm so glad I got to see it for the first time.
With my own eyes like this, that was awesome.
And then it just ends.
I'm glad I also did that last.
I think you kind of have to.
Yeah, you would have to, because you need to go to the secret lab to get some of the carriage, so it wouldn't have worked anyway.
But that was worth it.
I didn't I didn't know what it was gonna be, and everyone said it was gonna be amazing.
But I was kind of worried that all the effort to get all of the carriage wasn't actually gonna be worth it.
But it really waas That was so much fun.
I know what's next for kindergarten.
Dude, there are some outfits that I have left to get, but I don't think getting them is that crazy?
Maybe the error.
Maybe I'll go off and get them any way you guys could let me know down in the comments below.
But I basically 100% and more like the majority of it.
Right now.
It's just eight outfits left to go and then had to be done.
What a world!
What a time to be alive!
Did you see No, get Didn't just us were remarkable.


Collecting All 50 MONSTERMON Cards In Kindergarten 2 (Secret Ending)

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