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the garland walking back to my craft.
Everybody, welcome back to the beautiful time that we're going to have to wait.
Creams almost complete.
You see?
My turn rolls down there.
Hey, buddies.
All right, already.
A real gamer gets off the roof.
This way.
Look at me, Mom.
Gonna break my ankles this Sunday, All right?
We've got some big adventures here today.
That's why I started off the game with high energy.
That's right, Sam.
We're gonna have an epic time in Minecraft today.
I don't know what we're doing, but we're gonna have an epic time.
I have thought about using this bad boy.
All right, before I do anything, look what I got.
It's a fishing rod, but not just any fishing rod, baby.
It's got mending and look of the sea to I made a fishing rod.
The head.
Look at the sea too.
I enchanted it at level 30.
Then the second thing I picked up was a better fishing.
Two fishing rods have two fishing rods.
It mending what has like you don't care.
This one has mending and look at the sea too.
So I should be getting lots of treasures from the fishing.
I want more name tanks.
I need to get a dolphin and name him.
Who got a Nautilus shell?
Three of them know early.
I could put those all together with something.
I make conduit, and that helps me breathe underwater.
I don't know how true that is.
People like to lie to me a lot and give me tips from Minecraft The don't actually.
Sam Cam down, Sam down.
Version of my craft Sure is intense, isn't it?
How much is happening?
We go epic.
This is you guys having a good time?
I'm good.
I got it like a bull.
I could feel it.
This is gonna be a big one.
I can feel it.
I could feel it in my potatoes.
This is going to be a big one.
Come on.
Come on, fishy.
Come up to ship.
Ship, ship, Ship, ship.
Come on, fish way.
Go two cod.
But the best thing about having mending on something is that it just fixes itself every time I use it.
So I never have to mend it myself.
I want only changed things.
Have mending on them.
Can I do that in China.
Book make Mindy.
They could have amending sort of pick axe, coup.
I'm sick of fish in the world's most boring sport.
Great, enchanting gods.
What can I n gent today?
Efficiency for?
No, I don't want that efficiency for I know what to efficiency.
All right, we're gonna get something better.
Something more amazing.
Something stronger than that, Sam.
Oh, yes.
Oh, do a little dad's boss.
So these things are supposed to work by finding strongholds.
I thought I'd use them in the nether.
Apparently not know for use in the nether.
It's not gonna do anything, but I'm a little nervous to use it in case I it breaks Ernie that break after a while.
But if I use it, it points towards a stronghold.
And then I could go that way and fight away.
I need about now.
This is either going to be everybody at home being like Sean.
Jack, please, whatever your name is, don't throw it now and wasted.
But it's by play through.
I can make all the mistakes I want.
I want to see what happens.
The ditches vanish didn't just break already.
Breaker the first use.
Oh, man.
Come on.
Can I have my eye?
I have enter back.
Wait, wait, who log?
Thank you.
Also tonight.
Wait, I got it.
I want to see if I could do it works.
So if it's closer to the block as long as you don't have two blocks above it, the smoke should come out.
Oh, that's awesome.
I actually have a chimney now it's all about the little things.
It's all about the little things on the gigantic things like these people also want me to put my nether portal in here, which I think is a fantastic idea.
Okay, my craft doesn't think so new.
So maybe I should spend time, you know, I don't want to do it Takes ages to take that with obsidian.
So how helpful was that?
I have entered that because I was here and I threw it up and I went that way.
So I'm assuming that means the stronghold is in that direction somewhere.
But I didn't know I needed multiple other.
I thought I could use it like five times that it would disappear.
Unless there's a stronghold right underneath me and a pointed straight down.
I don't get how they work, but the stronghold.
I don't need it yet.
But that's where I find Lander.
Drag wine defeats them.
All right.
I find I find the ender dragon in the end, weirdly enough.
Like how you find an Irishman in our land.
Exact same principle, What I'm looking for.
My brain does not fire any soldiers.
I need a diamond pick axe.
I'm sorry, Dutch people.
I'm sorry for what happened to I'm not trying to destroy the Netherlands, I swear, just for a little bit.
Let's see how good this pick axes it has on breaking three and efficiency three.
Let's see how long it takes to destroy obsidian.
That's pretty damn good.
I saw I thought may pick axe shattered for a 2nd 00 that scares me.
I like this pickaxe.
I want to keep it forever.
It has good efficiency and good and breaking.
It could be better.
But you know what?
We could all be better.
Even your judgmental attitudes towards my enchanting skills I could use for saying Here we go.
No, you guys can sleep at night.
You guys won't have to.
Well, apart from the fact that you're all crammed in here like sardines in a can you'll be able to sleep soundly tonight.
Another lens is moving pure silence and bliss.
Now, the only thing about this is that if I put this here, stuff can spawn in and just walk around in here, which I don't think I want.
But pigment nice.
Did you show up and go?
And I'm like, What?
Um, let's put it smack dab in the middle, right next to my bed.
Uh, you guys here just for just a minute.
Um, could I have placed you closer?
I don't know a bit of a problem.
You guys Susteren burnt You alright, Flint Lockwood.
It's time to go to work, right to hey, work.
Uh, the only other problem it was full of problems is that this is not gonna be where I had it.
So the tiny bit of distance from there to there means I come out at a completely different point in the nether that might get me killed.
So why don't we do this for a second?
Let's put away the really nice things.
Uh, actually, let's put away everything.
It's been all in a nice little chest.
Let's just try this out.
Let's just see where it goes.
Jump into it.
But it's almost indeed Saxon place.
Wait, isn't it?
I think maybe pick bag.
What year is it?
The support of work If I put it slightly in the ground.
If I put these two blocks down there well, it actually work.
You know why?
I'm just gonna do what I want from now on.
It's a great way to live, you know?
Like right here.
Is that good?
Cause then you could just walk straight into it.
You don't really have to worry.
And I'm about that.
I'm a man with a plan, you know.
No, that I don't even have an ax.
Well, I can't get down.
Oh, silly beans.
Oh, my grass, Silly.
All right, beautiful.
Uh, what was I doing?
How did I end up doing this?
To make it actually work?
They put wine.
Oh, yeah.
This is weird.
Now blocks air all the weirdness guys back to hey, works.
I'm see Jeannie.
L okay.
I need to fix this a little bit, though, because now it looks wonky.
All right?
It can't be centered because there is no bloody center.
That is frickin room.
The problem is, if we go this way, But you know what it's done?
I'm not chopping it down again.
I'm not going through my pickaxe with anymore stuff, am I?
Just don't do this.
Don't a nice sign.
Uh, can I put these on this?
I'm gonna put you on this.
Maybe up?
Right here.
You other lands.
And that, folks, is how you move an entire country.
I'm very proud of that.
Very strong.
We put a little teeny, tiny barrier around it.
Teeny tiny.
You know what the boogeyman coming through?
Uh, maybe Maybe tune Gates, Get up.
That means a small gain weight Geta is Gaitan fires.
No, you can walk in easily.
All right, Let's see where this one comes out.
Okay, Pop, Pop, pop, pop, pop!
Put those back in.
Oh, Mexico Magic Wall!
Take me away!
It's the exact same place again.
Isn't that crazy?
Not really, because there's probably a reason that keeps doing way.
I even made up a bit.
You're welcome, Dutch people.
You're welcome that I take good care of you all the time.
I may have moved your entire country, but it's in a better, more strong, sturdy, secure place Over here.
You're not next to sheep anymore.
Well, you could.
She's just full of sheep rather than being right next to she.
And I think that that is progress.
Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go a dreamy, sleepy nightie.
Snoozy snooze.
I went to sleep in Boca boats.
What did that happen?
I slept in the band and then I woke up at sight.
I'm not even drunk.
That's so cool looking.
But although we outside the windmill now, that's awesome.
I read I want all that wheat anyway.
But I kind of weather did for aesthetic purposes as well.
I love this.
This is so cool to look at proud of this, remember?
Proud of everything.
I'm proud of you guys specifically, right?
So next mission.
I need to find some slides.
Because people were telling me that I needed sticky pistons for my my door, my door in my secret underground pub layer for Irish people, I need a sticky piston because that would keep the blocks on it when it goes back and forth, and then I don't need the absolute abomination of a mess.
That is my doorway, you know, is coolest potatoes air.
And as much as I love them dearly with all of my little tiny Irish Bobby Hurt really socked a look.
Just Oh, what is it?
I don't know.
Just the greatest food ever known to man the potatoes, not carrots.
Kurt suck.
You have been visited by the glorious friends.
There is you good fortune on this Jolly Holly.
Summer's day.
Thank you.
Fence, Cow.
You give me the courage to go on with my life.
To figure things out.
I need to find a swamp.
There were some plans would be I think I saw something kind of resembling swamp land this way and then a nighttime Slim's appear.
I don't know.
We're just going to go on a super epic, awesome adventure alone solo.
Sorry, Sam, but your liability.
We're going to find some slides and I'm gonna find times like sticky distance.
This place it's kind of swampy, right?
Is this a swamp?
It's dark.
It's great.
It's muddy.
It's brownish.
This is swamp written all over to me.
I actually don't know what I'm doing.
And they know where I should be looking.
Do things, actually just spawned those limeys times seven times.
I'd come on out.
I won't hurt you.
I just need your poop.
There's what?
I've never seen one before.
God, they're big.
Okay, You guys could just can you not You guys could just f off by f I mean, Frank, wait.
We have to kill this.
Get boots!
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Is this slide Rancher rules, actually, no flame.
Right, Trey, don't have to kill my friends to get the poop.
Sorry, I didn't know you were a bad guy, but you're just loving, loving friends.
Oh, here we go.
Yeah, a little slimy.
He was my friend.
Just cause I murdered him for the innards of his goodness does not mean you could come in and steal it.
All right?
That was very successful, Maggie, There's money.
Oh, yeah.
Pick your powers.
They sustain me.
OK, but I hit the pig.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, n German.
I need to kill him as well.
I'm just a murder rampage.
Don't Don't translate those subtitles.
You might to monetize me for having murdered in it.
I'm not murdering them.
I'm just loving them.
I'm loving them a lot.
Come here, Anderman!
You're gonna have to You're enough.
Deal with the power of Jack, okay?
I don't think I actually got anything for killing him.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I'm almost at Oh, God!
Potato, today, how about I go?
It's not running away.
It's tactical pear core.
I got 24 slime balls.
Or as I like to call them, 24 Septic Bones.
I got another.
No, I didn't get an ender.
Pearl, come on in.
How about you Just be a bro would just be, bro.
Drop your pearls.
Give your ender balls.
Look at this chunky tree.
What kind of what are you, Derek?
I love dark oak.
It's my favorite type of oak.
Can I actually just plant four trees next to each other in the old roll like this?
In that pattern?
Dude, the Tech and Minecraft secrets been hiding out me, my craft holding out on me.
That's the term.
00 What's happening?
Oh, how is he Chasing May gonna teleport up my ass.
He better not.
It's sacred up there.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Hey, Poke the bear and he shouldn't have All right there.
So creepy.
Come here.
Stop being a coward.
Thank you for your ender, Pearl.
I really appreciate it.
Even though you're you're dead now.
The announced on line recently on the Minecraft channel itself died.
They were making a super graphics mod for Minecraft, where they redid some textures and lighting and everything.
But then they canceled it not that long ago, like a month ago, maybe even less, because it was just too much, Mr Sky, it was too hectic to do.
They weren't able to make it work with the current engine that would have had to rewrite the entire engine to make it happen, which I get it.
It's hard to do.
It's hard to change something that's this old.
And this was written in Java and everything and others different versions of a lab.
But they did announce that the ringing in our T X support for it.
So the ring in ray tracing a lot of you have probably seen some of those super high end, realistic looking Minecraft shade er's and mods another that is using ray tracing to make things look on which Ray tracing is basically boil down to tracing actual rays of light.
So you pinpoint where the sun is and you actually dictate where the light's gonna come and where it bounces from Here it will come down, bounce here and go that way and in rooms that would bounce around and it would take on the colors and the properties of the stuff around it.
It would shake things really nicely.
So they're bringing actual, like Ray tracing themselves into Minecraft soon.
Well, I don't know when it's actually coming in, but it looks amazing.
And to see them officially support something like that, I'm really excited about it, because then it's just something you can tug alone and often the game.
You don't have to download any mud's because I like vanilla experience.
Everyone's been asking me to model and make it look cool when I will eventually.
But right now I just like I don't know.
I like how it looks.
I like the vanilla look.
I think it looks really nice way it is.
There's something nice about going through the Vanilla Game first and then figuring out everything afterwards and doing the mods that way and then trying out v.
I'll try out V.
Then when I get kind of bored of regular self, right, just kind of run out of stuff to do.
Right now, there's just way too much to do, and it's just too much to keep playing it this way.
Yes, Mr Piggy, but I'm excited because that means that hopefully means that it's run well when they bring in Ray tracing themselves because any of the shade herbs that are brought in your kind of adding it to the engine instead of doing it from the engine outwards.
Oh my God, so many potential new girlfriends for Sam who pirate ship with his own there.
Okay, I need to find treasure quickly.
That blows.
There's a crap treasury.
To what?
That one don't dog.
I lost who I don't like.
Losing hurts.
It's not fun was a crappy pirate ship, but I find that one before, but I do it that one before.
Here it is Ireland Harland together, standing strong.
Okay, sticky pistol.
Let's make two of Don's.
That's what's rating.
Whose family?
It's raining outside, huh?
I figured stuff.
Oh, hydrate.
Let me grow.
I am your plant for a change.
You guys out for sticky pistons?
Uh, yes.
And put the blocks there and then just get rid of you.
This should work now, right?
Now we just need to figure out Can I just put the foot in here?
Is it okay?
I'm not even going to go messing with all the stuff that's going on behind their away.
I needed to be closed, then opened.
I did it, Gamers.
I did it!
I figured it out.
I'm so happy.
All right.
It's a beautiful day.
Hey, get out of poor exas.
Okay, Pour it.
Don't disturb him.
I figured it out.
I figured out how Thio do my doors.
All right?
It's a cold, dark night.
He spent a long day fighting creepers and mind crafts on you decided to do a heck and different thing.
So you come all the way down here and then you're like, Man, I really sure could use a drink after my long day.
So you go through the nexus.
You come in here into this dark little corridor to Shawn's buyer.
You walk up to the door, You say the password.
Hey, presto, You're alone intothe Oh, finally works.
The sticky pistons worked.
My original design actually worked a treat.
I am digging out a whole mess underneath all of this.
So you guys can't see it right now.
Everything underneath this area sucks right now.
And I cleared out a whole bunch of it, but actually found diamonds down.
There was there was a nugget of diamonds right underneath me.
Who knew?
So now you come in, you don't even need.
Ah, Button, You just complain.
You say the password you all caught in Ideally, they'll be a security guard right here, stopping you being a tiny window where you could be like, Yeah, very nice.
I couldn't put the door here, had to move the doors because stepping on the door here, I don't have enough clearance so that stepping on this would actually open up the doors.
Well, but way have some dark oak things now, which I, for one am very excited about, because that means now the button has gone off of this.
Which means that I can start putting in some dark oak tables.
Oh, nice.
Those actually are real nice.
All right, I'm going to have to do things for a second just so I could get these exactly the way I know It's crazy what you could do with Minecraft these days.
Dark wood is really nice.
Resets the thing of her, doesn't it?
Oh, I think so.
And if you don't think so, then you stand against me.
You're my friend.
Shouldn't make it all.
What do you think, Coach?
Okay, that's indicated negative.
I'm gonna have to ask you to be nicer next time.
Um, yeah, maybe the benches should be.
Wait, what does that actually don't think everything is just gonna be dark wood in here.
That looks nice.
The dark wood really makes it feel a lot.
A lot cozier.
A lot more contained.
Don't you think so?
I absolutely think so.
Before, either Weston, somebody Garrigan balls outside of my buyer.
Everything would be lovely in here like this a lot.
I kind of wish I had a pressure plate here and more pistons every year.
But I can't because then you'll see, like the inner workings behind it.
So we need like we need that gap some ways that I could make it look just a little bit better.
But I'm just glad that it works the way it does.
No sticky pistons are awesome.
I was trying to make it so that it disappeared underneath.
That's why I was digging out all the things that underneath this, so the blocks would go down.
But I realized once it pushes the blocks up, the kind of stay in place that they don't get pulled back down, you need a sticky piston on each one.
So now they're just too sticky pistons behind this.
But do not do it where you step on this.
And then you stand here because then you'll end up getting yourself killed.
Don't do that way I go.
All right, We're level 30 again.
Which means that I could probably get away all of my wooden things.
I guess the pistons counters Woods.
You can't stop me from thinking that they count is what?
Have a grasp.
Look, I didn't get a grasp lock in Miami.
Only notice sitting it now.
Sam, I need answers, but he's in here.
Yes, 27 diamonds.
I'm not gonna run out in a hurry.
Be even cooler.
You could have a moat of lava.
All right.
That would be too much.
Well, they wouldn't grow either book.
If you could have a motive Lava around everything.
No one would ever dare come near you again.
Yeah, We're gonna put this in here already.
It isn't making me sound anymore.
Did I break the Netherlands?
Oh, dip.
All right.
I'm gonna change all my doors to dark oak doors.
Okay, So nice.
Um, baby.
Oh, you're making noise again.
Good job.
Yeah, it looks better.
Hole, baby Loyalty three If I enchant one of these books.
Oh, that's what I'm going for.
Next isn't loyalty.
Three that, like you can't really lose the item.
I don't know how loyalty actually works.
Has never had anything that needed it.
Oh, yeah, Yeah.
Okay, let's go up two levels and let's get that one next put away on this.
I need to go fight some more.
Dear Coke.
This is important to me.
I dare hope.
Quote over there.
Be so pretty.
That was another thing people told me to do.
Was it build a snowman for pouring?
If you build a snowman to put him in the pen with pouring, you know, someone to play with.
And since it'll be on ice, he won't melt.
I don't know how much I need.
I just need I need to snow blocks and then a pumpkin.
I think I don't know why you put a pumpkin on top of a snowman to make him read.
But my hopes and dreams and well wishes will do that.
Anyway, Minecraft magic will make him.
Did I come here before they dig a hole in you?
I have been here before.
Gigi, Huh?
Dark oak.
Oh, temp today.
Oh, I'm doing it.
It's every big, Um, s so cool.
I don't have to tell you guys that right near this smarter.
My main sponsor, the 1st 1 that I found, I I came down from up there, huh?
And this whole area that's caves out right now.
I came down from up there and a creeper blew up next to me.
Almost killed me, but right next to where he blew up, there was four diamonds.
So the creeper, actually creepers have helped me find treasure on diamonds.
No creepers air.
Pretty dang cool people give creepers of bad rap.
I don't think they deserve that.
I think we should definitely change it to Creeper.
Oh, yes.
Papers are also I need all off the e x p that I can get.
Thank you.
Well, what is it doing that lately?
It's like I'm getting leg, but I'm not playing online.
Password is potato.
Thank you.
Hey, what's, um Coach, let's do the important thing first.
The thing that I went off in the first place to do.
Okay, I'm happy to see you.
Too little body.
Uh, let's put down some of these.
Yes, I kind of like it as is, but let's see, that was not worth it.
Looks like moldy wood.
Looks like something got in here urinated all over it.
It's fine.
I want to go and chat my book now.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Chamber Enchantment Magic Do your thing.
Now what can I get in the next one?
Aqua Affinity.
Rapa Fortune three pick axe.
I should put a fortune afford.
I should put Fortune three and a sword, right.
And then head into the nether and then I can start farming stuff.
Turkeys are farming like blaze rods.
Off of things that five Fortune three way Fortune three.
Our look, there's two different ones.
Don't know which one does witch, but I should put that in the sword.
Maybe I should just defer to you guys.
Is judgment on which one to do?
Put it on the pick.
Put it on the sword on also what loyalty three does.
I don't know what that does yet, so I'm just gonna put it in here because it's very, very important.
All right.
I need Dr Perkins.
You do have pumpkins.
Okay, let's go build a snowman.
Oh, any blocks?
Do you wanna build a snow block?
So Block.
And I pumped.
It did work with the care of the bumpkin.
First, I think I need shears.
Where did I put me here?
As you can see, I'm very incredibly organism.
Let's see what pumpkin?
Oh, my God.
It makes a little Jack o'lantern.
Oh, my God.
I could actually make a lit up Jack.
O'Lantern Why do we not have those all over my base?
They're so cool to get to here.
Yeah, let's do that afterwards.
Did you guys know that Irish people invented Halloween.
We did.
Okay, Wait.
Does the Jackal 100?
Go on top, then.
Oh, God.
I mean, there's something wrong with your face.
Can you look at me?
Why do you look like that?
What is wrong with the snowman?
You know what?
I love you.
You're my very cool new friend.
Cool, Because this isn't cold.
You have a friend.
I hope you appreciate this.
All right.
The amount of effort I go through just to make sure that you're okay with nothing in your natural habitat anymore.
You know, it's because I care.
Yeah, on it.
So cool.
Back away, all of you Demons.
My house is the scariest one of all.
You want to come to your me?
You're gonna have to get past Irish Halloween.
All right, lads and lassies.
I think that's going to do it.
For this time.
This snowman is gonna live forever and be friends or pouring.
This is the best time.
Like this is a good happy timeline.
I don't know how I make a snowman sentiment just by putting a pumpkin on dhe snow blocks together.
But you know what?
Let's kick in Minecraft dude member, I really don't know what to do about you yet.
Maybe you should get a, uh, partner for you as well, Because I do have another time in horse armor and you're never going to die.
You're gonna live forever as well picking melons.


I Moved An ENTIRE Country In Minecraft - Part 19

林宜悉 2020 年 4 月 1 日 に公開
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