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what's going on, everybody?
And welcome to a video slash tutorial on I'm just gonna be poking around the Carla Library thing.
If you're not familiar with Karl, I don't imagine many of you guys are.
It's an open source simulator for autonomous driving research.
OK, so basically what it does is creates a simulated environment specifically dedicated toward people who want to train self driving cars.
Eso Historically, I've always used Grand Theft Auto for my shenanigans, but this has certain benefits over that because it's just basically built from the ground up to have an A p I for you to do all kinds of automated trial and error kind of stuff and so just kind of makes sense.
The last time I looked into it was like two years ago, Um and I don't think I even got off the ground with it.
I forget exactly the issue.
I think I could run the simulation but not connect to it or something.
It was some sort of strange thing going on there, so I thought I would take another look into this, uh, kind of package here and then share with you guys the steps that I take whenever I'm visiting some new library.
I pretty much like I understand what Carla is, but I've really never worked with it.
Because, like I said, I couldn't even get the basic thing toe like run.
So I'm gonna try that again.
If it works, you'll see this video.
If it doesn't work, you won't know about this.
Video eyes ever seeing it?
Hey, Aurich.
Uh, okay, so I land on Carla.
Okay, The first thing I want to do is just go to get started already.
Kind of know what Carla does.
Um, it might be useful to read this, though.
Like here.
You can see that you can, um, have, like, a server with multiple clients that connects so you can run multiple agents at any given time.
Um, the other thing that I noticed was basically, there's, like, remote connection now, which is pretty cool.
Ah, you can disable rendering of the simulation, which I guess both for client and server would be quicker so you could run things quicker.
You don't necessarily have to run in real time, so Okay.
Pretty cool.
Um, I don't know anything about I've never used the robot operating system but But that's pretty cool, too.
They have some sort of bridge.
They're like, That's kind of interesting that, you know, you could even test that kind of stuff.
So if you wanted to use that with self driving cars, that's pretty cool, too.
So, um, they also apparently have some autonomous driving baselines.
That's also interesting.
I might want to check those out just to see how they do a couple of things, because you want.
You definitely want things to be as efficient and clean as possible.
So I'll be looking into that.
Obviously, for me, I'd like to do self driving eso I kind of want to poke around and play with, um, all the stuff that they have here, Uh, and then they also have, like, cameras and different sensors, like light are and stuff like that.
So those are pretty cool, too.
So anyways, let's go ahead and get started.
S o I click on get started is gonna try to make sure his fits to my page here.
Um, and at least here, they're saying Hey, make sure using nine or greater.
Got it.
Check it.
Uh, grab a release.
So just as a caveat.
This does use unreal engine for I'm just gonna be straight with you guys.
I don't know anything about unreal engine for other than it's a game engine.
And I might even be wrong about that.
So, um, I know I done some stuff in the past to run this, So I don't know if if they can include all the files from Unreal engine for and like, that's gonna make the game run or something.
So, like, I always try to think, like, do I have things preinstalled that would make things different for me as opposed to people watching this.
So I'm actually doing this on my main computer, So, um, might have some things already here that you don't have, so just keep that in mind.
So I'm gonna go ahead and click on the latest release.
I don't really think I want the nightly build.
So from here, the latest stable version is 08 on, then all these That sounds like a long time ago.
I wonder why That's the most stable version.
Yeah, it's been over, like, six months before since a stable version.
It's kind of weird.
Um, and At least it looks like here.
Engine new agent, class to form client side.
Sounds like these air.
Some pretty important update.
So I don't think we want the latest stable version.
Um, let's just go with the latest versions.
You gave me, like, one second to load this page or you can Thanks.
Okay, so, um, that couldn't possibly have been a proper air anyway.
Uh, windows, please.
No windows.
I'm pretty sure they have windows support.
I'm trying to use windows.
I know some people relying on it.
He's a lamb Max, because I can record in windows better whenever you see me using Lennox, Um, I'm usually recording.
I'm using windows still to record because I do my recording and editing on windows.
So it was easier if I'm on windows.
Okay, but, um, I used linens all the time.
Don't worry, I'm okay.
I'm to survive.
Um, so I usually use a virtual machine, but in this case, I don't want to use the virtual machines.
The VM zehr kind of a pain in the butt whenever you have fullscreen applications.
So I really want windows.
Let's see if the Carla I'm getting a little sick and tired of your shenanigans.
Okay, so it does have, uh, windows here.
Um, how about this one?
Someone better?
Newtown environment with narrow roads open.
Parr, sir, and waypoints a p.
I cool.
Uh, okay.
So I would I'm just going down with this one.
If you're on Lennox, you can download these other things.
And I guess I'm just hoping there's the Windows based towns I'd have to imagine.
Um, I'd have to imagine that the towns are probably cross platform like I can't imagine why the town would be operating system specific, honestly, but Okay, so this is gonna take apparently a minute while we wait on that.
I mean, we could just kind of check out what we're what?
We're what we're dealing with here.
So, uh, looks like we wanna have pie game and dump I installed already have both of those, so make sure you do too.
Then to run it looks like we just run the e x e file on.
And then on Lennox, he would just run the shell, uh, launches a view over the city.
This is a spectator view.
So it sounds like?
Like, yeah, they have more of, like, a client and server.
So that s o you got the server.
I'm guessing this is more like your server view.
And then later, any other scripts you're gonna have will be your client.
And I don't know if they're gonna show a window or if they're just going to simply, like, connect in.
And then you grab stuff from the sensors.
I don't really know.
We'll find out.
Uh, okay.
Carla requires thes two TCP ports.
Make sure if you're having issues you might need to open those.
Got it.
Uh, also carla.
And then the second part is N plus one, so you could change it, I guess.
Uh, okay.
So to add life to the city, we're gonna run Spawn in PC.
So again, it just sounds like there's a lot of this, like server client.
That's kind of weird, though, because I wonder if you could just, like, start the simulation with NBC's, but Okay, so it sounds like it'll just be the city, and then we can change the weather.
So definitely with the python self driving car.
Like if you're using a camera as your primary sensor.
You definitely want to have tiny week.
Whether because otherwise, like, slight changes, they're gonna just totally throw you off.
Um, if you're doing like, light are I don't know, I don't think it would really impact it, to be honest with you guys.
Uh and then finally they run this, which is probably your client.
And I guess they're using pi game.
This is my game.
So it looks like it's gonna open another window, so that would be like your client window.
So you'll have at least two windows open if you're using the same machine.
But what's kind of cool is, yeah, you can connect to a server, so python manual control.
And then with the host argument, you can pass in the host I p, which sounds like in the future I could probably host a server for people to bring in their self driving cars.
And I wonder, I wonder what kind of load like what kind of GPU load you have on the server versus on the client side, especially what if all you're trying to pull is maybe lied our data or something like that?
Or maybe the imagery at a low resolution, I wonder I wonder how that would go.
Okay, so it looks like our thing has de l'd let me go ahead and start the extraction process.
Hopefully, I didn't take too long.
And, um, I think the first thing I'd want to do so, like, generally, I'm always like I mean, the AP eyes air useful if they have good documentation, but usually places don't.
So let's go ahead and click on the python.
E p.
I reference.
Um, yes.
That's basically, you know, the index of a book.
Pretty not useful to an amateur newbie like me.
Useless python ap a tutorial.
Okay, maybe this has a little bit of interesting information for us.
What is that?
Oh, that was digging at me because of the, uh, me.
Just meet this real quick.
Um, okay, so we've extracted everything.
So now what we can do.
Um, I'll probably check out Python a p I.
But first, let me just finish reading what I was reading here.
So in the suit, Royal Bubble blah.
Yes, it's Yes.
Copy that.
Okay, so So it looks like they're kind of separating out core concepts.
I'm gonna guess These are on drugs you got Actor.
Blueprint in world.
Actor is anything that plays a role in the simulation.
So vehicles, pedestrians in sensors.
A sensor is an actor.
Before spotting an actor, you specify the attributes.
We provide a blueprint library with the definitions of all actors available.
I don't know if that means like they have defaults.
Hope World world represents the currently loaded map, so you can, like, probably reference the world.
Although I'm just not really sure why you would do that other than maybe initially for some reason, but to change whether.
Okay, so the world is more of probably server type.
Task is my guess.
Because I'm thinking probably your actors what you would reference for, like, sensor values, right?
Because that's basically the end of the day.
We want to move the vehicle based on the vehicle actor based on the sensor actor data.
Um Okay.
So Okay, this is starting to look more like the raw could.
So first thing I want to do is test out the those initial commands that we had.
Okay, so the first thing we need to do is run lovely.
We do have the e x e fantastic.
So, like, for example, you before, like do binaries and content and the engine buying Aires.
So maybe you don't have to install country legend for I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I'm an idiot.
Uh, okay.
So far, so good.
Oh, okay.
My GP is starting to make some noise.
Let me move this over as much like can.
Anyway, uh, you can't really see the full screen, but that should be good enough for demo purposes.
Maybe at some point, I'll fix that.
Um, okay.
Looks a little lonely in this city.
Some sort of evacuation has taken place.
Okay, We can use our wst keys to move around.
We are flying.
Yeah, There's definitely nobody here.
But I think that was what was to be expected, because apparently we have to load in the n p.
C s.
So let's go here.
Ah, Spawn NPC 80 python spawn in pc up.
I I am an expert python programmer, and I know that's not gonna work here.
I'm going to guess maybe they're in Python A p I, uh Carla, maybe not seeing agents now.
Probably No, no backing up.
Look it up.
It's going to examples.
Uh, me.
Move this over to a manual control steering wheel.
Hold on.
Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked, but I got to see it.
I got to see it.
I'm still looking for a steering wheel.
What does that mean?
Must have strolled by it.
I'm curious to know.
Can I plug in the steering wheel?
Someone answer that for me?
No rendering mode example.
That's pretty cool.
Need to stop getting distracted.
Where was that going?
Spawn in PC.
Okay, so here is Spawn in PC.
So let's go ahead and run that real quick python spawn NPC, Dupuy.
And then it was n a t.
No module need Carla.
Um So if I go to Carla, then I click here on go disk, for example.
So it is here.
Oh, okay.
So the problem is here, it's looking for python three.
Like this is for python 37 And for me, python corresponds to 36 So, um, so we just try that real quick.
So it's just a pie.
Dash 37 spawn NPC up high end 80 see if that works.
80 vehicles.
Okay, so it does work, and I guess they're probably using a directory change.
Let me just check that real quick.
Respond NPC Open.
Where's Sue?
Yeah, right.
Yeah, right.
You're cool.
Okay, so then it just It looks for the specific version of python that we're using.
That's why I couldn't find it.
That's pretty impressive.
They are already updated.
237 Cool.
Very good.
Uh, and we have cars.
Very cool.
I believe at this point, I'm already further than I've ever been with Carla, because I don't I couldn't even I couldn't get this far.
That's awesome.
Okay, I want more cars.
Um, what will happen to your control?
C to exit.
Oh, dear.
Uh, the whole thing is crashed because I left my end PCs.
Okay, fine, fine.
I can deal with that.
Let's just run it again.
That's funny.
Get up there.
Key up there.
There goes my GP.
You can hear it.
It's crying a little bit, which is funny, because this does not appear to be a GPU intensive thing.
But apparently it is.
That's why there's Tripoli titles get paid the big bucks.
Okay, So, uh, and just for the record, I could not do any better.
I would do way worse.
I would write the most inefficient games possible.
OK, so 80 was too few.
I'm gonna do Oh, you can't see it.
I'm gonna D'oh!
250 n peces.
Think that's enough.
Oh, but could only find 200 spawn points.
So I wonder.
I wonder if I run it again, though.
That's a lot of cars, though.
It would be hard to drive in this as it is, but I'm curious lips.
Uh, Hi, honey examples.
This really is my methodology.
It's pond and PC.
Let's just say I'm so used to 80.
Let's just do another.
Let's see if we can get away with 80.
I guess.
See, what happens?
Can we do spawned because collision at the spawn location, But otherwise we got some more.
Ah, yes, Beautiful.
That's pretty cool.
Having way too much fun spawning in PCs.
Uh, what were the other commands?
Um Okay, so we got n peces.
Dynamic weather.
That's probably a good idea in the self driving car.
Siri's with grand theft auto.
Like, especially if you're relying primarily on a camera sensor.
Um, you definitely want to use dynamic weather because the camera, um, let's just run this real quick the you know, if the sun goes down, like, obviously the day and night difference, but also yeah, I like clouds.
Rain when it affects things like shadow.
Um, I'm not sure what wind is doing.
I'm not sure how crazy of a physics simulation we're dealing with here.
I can't imagine wind has a huge impact here, but I don't know, uh, that would be pretty amazing if wind actually has, uh, an impact here.
No, this was truly a driving sim.
Um, okay.
What was the other thing?
Oh, manual control.
Let's try that one out.
Dash 37 Uh, space manual control.
Uh, we were so close.
Everybody okay?
Um index error.
Oh, you can't see the area.
Let me look at this here.
Although maybe you got the same air.
Ah, list index out of range, and it's out of range because of this line here.
And the only thing that's indexing list is here.
So fonts with therefore have to be an empty list.
So now we need to find out why is fonts an empty list manual?
Let's check it out.
Check it out.
Together, everybody.
Um Okay, So what we're looking for is we just search for mono fonts.
Okay, So thoughts was our empty list.
So extra x in pie game.
Don't find out.
Give fonts.
So either pie game font get Florence is empty or the more likely occam's razor.
If mono in X, I'm gonna wager what the heck is this?
It's only looking for mono fonts, so I'm guessing we don't have a monitor.
What if I do?
Oh, no, that's fine.
We can leave.
Uh, let me just fix it real quick, so let's just do it.
Didn't replace so mono.
And then, uh, pull this up here.
We'll replace all cases of mono with Ariel, which is probably gonna could mess up some other stuff, actually.
We'll see what happens.
Um And then what?
It yet?
But Boone too?
Uh, hey, they sat experimental.
They did.
They warned us.
OK, but we've made it so far.
I'm gonna wager ah, fonts issue.
I'm gonna let that slide.
Uh, let's just run this again.
Pie 37 manual Control that pie.
Come on.
Here we go.
Get a window fix.
Where is here?
Beautiful on this horribly rainy day.
Uh, okay.
W A s d controls.
I'm not sure.
Yeah, we are.
Oh, that's it.
Dang cool.
It collided with them.
How do I reverse?
How do I reverse?
Didn't they show?
Here we go.
So here we have our commands.
Throttle, brake, toggle reverses, cues.
So we're actually changing a gear Fancy?
Uh, space?
That's pretty good, though.
Toe separate out.
That was one thing I didn't really like so much about.
Grand Theft Auto is, you know, uh, what s was both reverse if you held it long enough, but also a break dinner will make much sense.
Um, toggle autopilot with p.
Tuggle manual transmission.
I can't imagine.
Why would you want to do a self driving core with a manual truth?
That makes no sense, but okay, change vehicle with a backspace.
Heck, yes.
Record image to disc.
Sounds good.
Price screwed it up by highlighting.
Okay, so let's continue on our path.
So cube to reverse Luke youto under verse and we're off.
Let's just read that.
Are you kidding?
There was definitely space.
You gotta fix your hit boxes.
Let's go.
Yes, I mean, okay.
Um Okay, So one thing I'm noticing here is yeah, right at the bottom.
You can see it's noting when you crossed a broken line.
So that's like the dash lines.
Like here.
Can you see the moon?
Um, So now let me go.
Let's brought across that and then cross didn't.
Oh, now it tells you.
Okay, so we crossed a solid line, then the movement back is probably alert us again.
Let's cross over this medium.
Oh, we just collided.
That's cool, too.
Shows the collision there.
I'm getting good at shifting gears.
Now, guys, look as cross over this solid sidewalk.
You're calling that a sidewalk?
I don't think so.
Nobody should be walking on that sidewalk.
Okay, so at least works.
That's pretty good.
This car has some serious steering issues.
What was the change?
The car, Uh, backspace lose monstrosity.
Carla cola.
Ooh, that's not a car.
Uh, bicycle.
I'm in gear, too.
That's crazy.
Okay, so there's lots of cars, Apparently, that we bicycle again.
Lots of cars and bicycles, apparently.
A Ford Mustang.
Um, this has some get up it goes well, which has had noise like sound, but I don't think it does.
Oh, gosh, that didn't go well.
Okay, so enough playing around.
You guys can drive if you want.
It looks okay.
I wish the driving physics were a little better.
That was one somewhat nice thing about obviously grand theft, auto driving physics aren't spectacular, but I would say they're better than this.
But this is not terrible.
It's not terrible.
And really, what you're trying to work on is that vision task E o.
I think I missed him.
A nice little smart car, though.
It's cute.
It's adorable.
I like that.
It knows when it's crossed all those things.
So, like my hope and objective eyes one, we can detect a collision.
So for a long time wanted to do reinforcement learning.
So any time I'm not gonna care if we cross a line.
But if we collide with something, that's a bad thing.
So, um, that's pretty cool.
We can use that as a penalty event.
We can know how fast we're going.
I still don't really actually want to make a self driving car that someone would actually use.
I like a really fast self driving cars, so that's always been my goal.
So maybe I could do that with this, but it's pretty cool.
So closing out of that, let me see.
Um, so we've made it this far.
I might just cut it here in the next tutorial we could start going with, Um, you know how to actually control the car and all of that.
Like, I'd liketo load in and actually control the car.
Um, and maybe in the next I don't even know I have no plans.
What we're going to do, I'm just got broken around at this stage.
But looking here, this is like a pine tutorial.
Looks like here we connect to the client.
Cool Blueprint library.
So I'm guessing Blueprint.
Random choice.
So it's for the vehicle.
If it has the attributes color, change it.
Ah, Spawn.
Actor is the blueprint.
Okay, so that's how we make our vehicle easy enough.
Set autopilot to true.
A depth camera attached to the vehicle.
Like the location we gave to the vehicle.
I don't know what that's about.
Uh, and then here were adding n peces too.
The city.
Okay, cool.
So let me just run that tutorial example.
MD pie dash 37 What was that tutorial?
That pie.
So it created all those vehicles, um, and ourselves.
And for some reason, we don't actually see a rent.
Boats don't all strong actors and then done Yes.
Oh, okay, so it creates it for five seconds, I guess.
And then we're done.
So you probably won't like some sort of loop.
Okay, So probably what I'm gonna do is just kind of poke around further, Um, prime.
What I'm gonna do is poke around further with, like, the python, a p I tutorial.
And I think probably what I would like to do is just simply create a vehicle and just drive that just just create the vehicle and then just drive it forward, and then just to see if we can do it.
And then we want to get the sensor data and probably just have, like, a good camera.
Um, there are other sensors, like, lighter and stuff like that.
And maybe later we can use those.
But for now, I just really want that hood camera.
So I think what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start with tutorial DuPuy kind of dumb it down s.
So, for example, I would just get rid of the creation of all the other vehicles and just have our one car that way, because apparently that didn't that only spawned our city, which is this.
But I think the city is dead now.
Look, I don't think anything's running.
It's also kind of blurry and under sure why that's happening.
Anyway, um, I think nothing is actually happening there.
So, uh, so I just want to find the one car and just Let's just have it, drive it forward and make sure we can control the car.
And then from there would like to do is try to do some sort of reinforcement learning situation.
So, uh, that's what we're doing.
That next video.
Uh, if you've got questions, comments, concerns, whatever you know, the deal preferred leaving below shouts out to my most recent action.
On my most reason, these are long term channel members.
45 and six months.
We've got Eric Gomez, Robo a J Kumar Payments Iady, all in for six months.
Chris Oland, Frederick Fail, Joey Santana and Parana Ji for five months and coming in at four months.
A truck you nick list Ivan, but Nick YouTube Serious cheeky buns with the best name ever.
Frank Lewin, Jr.
Army, Craig's Miguel Hurtado, Latorre Perata, Brandon MEREDITH You How ya Anglo.
Trevor Hughes and a VJ Thank you all very much for your support.
You guys are awesome and I will see everybody in another video.


Programming Autonomous self-driving cars with Carla and Python

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