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  • Kid President: I haven't always been the Kid President.

  • My first dream, I wanted to be a great inventor.

  • I actually had a few pretty good ideas! My magnify glasses, it helps you

  • My magnify glasses, it helps you see things that you need to see!

  • It also gives you headaches. A really good invention,

  • makes the world more awesome. Because the world is full of problems.

  • There's also lots of problem solvers! Kids like Peyton! He's 11 years old and he invented retractable training

  • wheels for bikes. Sandless sandbags. All sorts of stuff! And this awesome girl Brooke, when

  • she was 12 years old she created a video system to help owners stay connected to their dogs!

  • Creating new stuff out of your brain could be hard, but I think I may have my next great

  • invention. Every time when I try to clean the house, my cat goes crazy! The problem,

  • he hates the vacuum cleaner. I want to solve this problem by making the first catuum cleaner!

  • To maker this happen I'm going to need some help! Time to meet with big time inventors!

  • They make crazy stuff here!

  • "Hello!" Christine: Hi!

  • KP: I want to invent something. Christine: You want to invent something, alright.

  • First you're going to need some safety glasses.

  • KP: Cool! Christine: Alright let's show you around!

  • KP: Do you have any corn dogs? Christine: Um..

  • KP: How many days would it take to build this? Mike: It takes about 18 days.

  • KP: It would probably take me a whole year actually. Mike: You think so?

  • Seth: You know I think if one of us was to try to build by ourselves it would probably take a whole year.

  • We all just do a little piece at a time.

  • You put your little part on and I put my part on and then together we just build this up together!

  • Eric: Hey! Where did you come from? KP: I just came from here!

  • How are babies invented? [laughs]

  • So I can be an inventor like you? Eric: Certainly, it's all up to you!

  • Anybody can do it! You just have to get a dream, get a goal, you go for it!

  • Seth: What are you inventing? KP: I'm inventing a vacuum cleaner that does

  • not scare away my cats. Seth: [laughs] I like that!

  • KP: Well it's in my head but won't come out what I want it to be.

  • Nick: Would it be a problem if it was slightly different?

  • KP: No! Well my invention is in my head but I just

  • can't make it real. Mike: Yeah I know, I understand but there

  • are plenty of avenues to go to, to help you out with that. I mean there's your schooling

  • that you did, teachers I'm sure that you met, out on the web there's a place called Quirky

  • that can also help you, get the help that you need!

  • Nick: Did you have a good day today? KP: Yeah!

  • Nick: Cheers! KP: It was really fun to meet them! I learned

  • that scientists eat corn dogs and some of them got really good mustaches.

  • I learned that it's okay to fail if you're afraid to mess something up, well that's the first lesson

  • of building something. That's what they all told me bro! Well the cat vacuum probably

  • need to go back to the drawing board on that one. Because the cat killed it.

  • [laughs] Killed it! Like totally messed up his head!

  • Totally okay though! It's okay to make mistakes. Y'all can't stop. Gotta keep creating, gotta

  • keep dancing! What invention will you make that will change the world? Seeing jet engines

  • is always something that I wanted to do. So thanks to everybody at GE for letting me visit!

  • See more of their cool stuff that they're doing click here!

  • Bye!

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  • It's okay to make mistakes, it's not okay to stop.

Kid President: I haven't always been the Kid President.


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キッド・プレジデント - 発明家になるには! (Kid President - How To Be An Inventor!)

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