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  • we have a few questions?

  • Yeah.

  • Where were you the night Lily Bridges disappeared?

  • Lucy, this is Lily.

  • Lily.

  • Lucy, Fly.

  • So how long have you been in Japan?

  • Three weeks now.

  • Tweeted.

  • Everyone stares at you.

  • It's like being famous.

  • Some people get addicted to those you and that Noble You there were you?

  • No.

  • So let's not pretend to be you fucked a girl?

  • Everything off course.

  • Do you have a boyfriend?

  • You too.

  • He's so cute.

  • Cute for where?

  • He's gorgeous.

  • He's like, obsessed with you.

  • Why do you say I know, man?

  • She's a piece of what that was is that you're the only one who exists and she moves on to someone else.

  • It was like you were never even there.

  • What do you think about it?

  • Come on.

  • We have something no one knows could share.

  • Don't you know that?

  • I do.

  • I know what I'm feeling.

  • It's not right at all.

  • But you must stressful.

  • Really.

we have a few questions?


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アースクエイクバード』予告編(2019年 (EARTHQUAKE BIRD Trailer (2019))

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