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as the fight against the Corona virus pandemic rages on, some of the most historic and visited places in the world are getting disinfected as the virus can live on surfaces for days.
In Egypt, the pyramids of Giza complex was sanitized.
Pyramids, which are the last standing wonders of the ancient world, needs special care and attention.
There are a huge part of Egypt's tourism industry cruise sanitized walkways leading up to the pyramids as well as the visitor Centre Theatre.
Traction usually receives millions of visitors a year, but this year is different.
In Turkey, a team of cleaners sprayed off Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, usually ah, hive of shoppers and tourists, browsing merchandise and relaxing in cafes.
Grand Bazaar is empty, shops are closed and stands are covered.
The only visitors now our workers and protective gear.
Over in Russia, Moscow Metro got a thorough white down.
Workers with rags and buckets carefully wiped handrails and bopped floors, which were then buff.
UV lights were also illuminated inside the train's carriages as an extra disinfecting measure to make sure commuters will be safe from the disease.
The city of Rome is mostly deserted except for cleaners who walked up and down the streets, sprain walkways and cleaning buildings from the inside out.
Italy has the most reported deaths from the Corona virus.
Spain has the second highest death toll from the virus.
The country's military is out in force.
Sprained public places to soothe spread.
It was the same in Kenya, where the country Ministry of Health sent to disinfect of Nairobi.
Workers in Afghanistan were out spraying down vehicles in the streets.
Government officials here in outbreaks could devastate the country that has a weakened health care system after the war, the Corona virus has touched almost every corner of the planet and now needs to be carefully washed away in addition dot com.


Egypt's Pyramids Sanitized to Stop Coronavirus

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