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So right now
we are outside the Lush Regent Street Shop
And we have just witnessed some pretty brutal animal tests
being enacted on a human test subjects
The young girl called Nicole who’s 23 years old
a vegan and a performance artist
She has an issue that she has massive whereabouts
and I think that there’s still worst to come
So we’re already 11:30
This series of animal tests is going to last today
so endurance performance
The objective to Lush
is to take animals out of cosmetic testing first in the EU
And then we went to see that first to the world
So many people really don’t realize that
animal testing in the world is going on for the cosmetic industry
And they are killing millions of animals here
It’s a completely privilege use
and also it’s very unreliable the date that you get anyway
The cosmetics directive is
a really positive piece of legislation for animals
It was passed in 1993 at the request of
20 years of campaigning by the public in Britain and across Europe
and it said that no animals could be tested on for cosmetics
But unfortunately, the cosmetics industry lobbied behind the scenes
after the legislation got passed
and they don’t want the delay and another delay then another delay
and so far
it’s been 20 years and they’re currently asking for another 10 years
So what we’re doing today
and we’ve been doing in our shops for the last week is get petitions signed
so that our customers can put their signatures something
that tells the EU parliament enough is enough
30 years is a ridiculous amount of time
very soon it’s going to be a decision as to
whether to come back extra 10-year delay
And we say that cosmetics don’t need to be tested on animals
Lush shops have never done it
and there’s no damn reason for anyone else to do it
and we would really be angry
A lot more shocking than I anticipated
I think we kind of knew what was gonna happen
but I actually see them and the flesh not respected
always takes you bad
but it reiterates
why we’re doing what we’re doing at the end of the day
We’re seeing buses come pass
and people are watching and looking with complete shock in their eyes
And try to find out on what is going on
and then you tell them
and there is just so much sympathy and empathy and hope
and here deside just kind of sign that petition
and they will decide to see this practice ends
This is our first ever global campaign
so and over 800 shops in 49 countries
People are running the fighting animal testing campaign
Still fighting animal testing!
The fact that this is one of our first campaigns
we’re all doing exactly the same time
to make it much more significant
and so much more powerful than anything we’ve ever done before
The man point down to me
if this weren’t an animal in our window that we were doing this too
we have the police down
we have the RSPCA down
we have all of the animal rights to jump it up
But you know the fact
this is something that goes on daily in the world
twist across the world
Without that with protest is really retiring
We just finished the performance in Regent Street
with the animal test subject being killed
and then taken out to the bins
and this is the reality for millions over the animals
This is how it ends for them
So if you really care about animal testing
please go down to your local Lush shop
sign the petition
ask them
how you can get involved in the fighting animal testing campaign
because together
we really can put stop to animal testing for the cosmetics industry


Lush Fighting Animal Testing: Live Demonstration at Regents Street

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