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  • it's how it's done these days.

  • Birthdays from afar This celebration was for Grandma Burn.

  • On her 95th birthday, this family caused quite a commotion for Sharon McHale.

  • They all hung from their cars to wish Aaron a happy birthday.

  • And just look at how committed they all are going.

  • The extra step with the decorations a birthday car parade made 18 year old Jonah Rosen booms day.

  • Each car was filled with friends and family team from Arizona jumped up and down as each drove by.

  • Some friends even made signs.

  • I just felt really love because, like, I know this is like a hard time.

  • So I was really happy Jonah's grandmother came to.

  • I cried yesterday and a little bit now, after being sad, her birthday party was canceled due to the Corona virus pandemic.

  • This nine year old was grateful to have her birthday in the park for Grandpa George's 96th birthday.

  • His family also stood outside at least six feet away to share in the celebration.

  • Every year he always eats at the same restaurant.

  • This year he had to break tradition, but to make it special, his family showed up with a cake on his lawn.

  • So nice of your birthday.

  • You get just like next year, hopefully not being socially distant.

it's how it's done these days.


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友達は社会的に遠い誕生日パーティーのために車を飾る (Friends Decorate Cars for Socially Distant Birthday Party)

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