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  • the highly for city n_b_a_ community master plans reflect the standards and

  • guiding principles of plan abu dhabi twenty fifth

  • to regenerate the existing m_i_t_ neighborhoods with world-class

  • connectivity on high quality community facilities

  • central to the implementations office

  • visionary plan

  • these trends

  • the egyptian capital city district could be a major regional transportation

  • destination

  • i think that's a central park for the united states

  • feeding into this top will be bus tram and training still highly for cities

  • envy

  • transporting residents quickly

  • and income

  • around abbu babbit and beyond

  • i leave the city

  • is strategically located between downtown title doughty aval daddy

  • international etc

  • and next to the northern boundary of the capital city district

  • it will be home

  • eighty thousand residents

  • the masterplan

  • introduces new housing typology and building configurations including a

  • modern interpretation of a hard reach style residential buildings

  • fail anti shape residential buildings

  • undisputed power grows

  • will provide diverse housing options for growing ever rocky families

  • residential buildings also organized to encourage with those who internal

  • courthouse the soon-to-be haven't got it

  • county for city the is located to the southeast of the capital city district i

  • will be home

  • two sixty seven thousand rest

  • one of the key functions of the pasta sticks

  • that high quality public spaces and landscapes allen

  • ingredients

  • of good place taking

  • and for creating sustainable communities

  • with the rate

  • of recreational city facilities within walking distance they helped bring

  • people together and promote healthy lifestyle

  • student comfortable

  • outdoor environments

  • the masterplan assurances around sixty six

  • the creation of fight sustainable communities through the distribution of

  • public facilities including mosques schools cultural centers women's

  • development centers

  • connecting how the president made in the neighborhoods

  • to the surrounding districts is a central theme park the master

  • a multi modal transport network booted residency ability to travel by bus

  • transaction radio altaf

  • new street scandals also encourage walking encyclopedia nearby community

  • says

  • central spines annually for cities they indeed

  • will contain a concentration of housing retail

  • office and civic and community facilities and will be at the holocaust

  • of public activity

  • neighborhoods i've been designed to provide residents with easy access to

  • community facilities

  • these will be linked together by powerful aids creating a concentration

  • of pedestrian activity and vibrant and centers in st

  • the hierarchy of distant past neighborhood house and pocketbooks the

  • provided a wide range of recreational activities for veterans to support it

  • breathable canoes

  • tested on the stand and sustainability principles applied in the areas of

  • clothing designed architect landscape design

  • bio climatic architects

  • and awards and energy i'm to insure the social cultural economic and

  • environmental sustainability

  • of the community

  • the highly specific

  • underneath the city been lost about humping the bed

  • to ensure the revitalization of the two relatively new suburban communities

  • within hostile citizens coming from connectivity

  • i think you and planning ahead

  • the leadership of abbu death

  • hasn't showed up early for cities and be will be just articles provided

  • consisting of a system in the for generations to come

the highly for city n_b_a_ community master plans reflect the standards and


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アブダビ2030年計画 - カリファ・シティAとB (Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 - Khalifa City A and B)

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