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  • Oh yeah oh wow you really messed it up

  • Sorry

  • It looks like it works around a swivel so

  • the center pieces never move

  • so if it's yellow in the center that's the yellow side

  • [Right] if it's red in the center, that's the red side [Okay]

  • You can slow down

  • Well listen we can drive around all day cause I don't believe you can do this

  • Yeah I can

  • No you can't

  • Yes I can - No you can't I'm telling you no one can

  • See that's all I ever do

  • You almost have that side

  • Holy cow

  • Oh you almost had that one

  • I'm gonna get it

  • Look at that

  • You're almost there

  • $17.10

  • This is me

  • Good job

Oh yeah oh wow you really messed it up


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幸せの追求(3/8)ムービーCLIP~ルービックキューブ(2006)HD (The Pursuit of Happyness (3/8) Movie CLIP - Rubik's Cube (2006) HD)

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