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  • I'm going to flip through this deck.

  • And I want you to see one card. Not this one. That's too obvious.

  • Pay close attention.

  • (deck flips)

  • That was too fast. I'll do it again.

  • Are you ready?

  • Mm-hm.

  • Okay.

  • (deck flips)

  • Now did you see one?

  • Yes.

  • Do you have one in mind?

  • Yes.

  • Now do you see your card here?

  • No.

  • That's because you're looking too closely.

  • What have I been telling you all night?

  • The closer you look......the less you see.

  • Look into my eyes.

  • And sleep.

  • And... (snaps fingers) ... just hangin' out there.

  • Wriggled a set.

  • I'm picturing......beach, cocktails, Florida?

  • Look, it was a business trip.

  • Maybe the......oldest business?

  • You're thinking of a woman's name.

  • A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, G-- J.

  • Janet.

  • Who-- who's Janet?

  • My sister.

  • Your sister.

  • You were away on business... you were away on Janet?

  • She's seeming to get upset. Let's move over here.

  • You want this to go away?

  • Yes.

  • Okay, pull out your wallet.

  • Does, uh... 200 seem fair?

  • Okay! And sleep.

  • Now, when I snap my fingers, you won't remember any of this.

  • And you, every time you see or even think of Janet, you're gonna picture me... naked.

  • And that's not a pretty sight.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I am the next great magician and I will give 100 dollars to anyone who can tell me how this trick is done.

  • I have an ordinary spoon from Mel's Deli, right here at Brooklyn.

  • Check it out.

  • Now, everyone, please pay very, very close attention, 'cause I'm about to bend this spoon with my mind.

  • Thank you, thank you.

  • Pass that around.

  • Whoa, what're you doing over here--

  • Looks like we got a spoon in his stem.

  • I got other tricks.

  • Or you could give me my hundred bucks.

  • You said you would.

  • Nice wallet.

  • You have a very good eye, sir.

  • Wallet. My wallet. My watch!

  • Okay, Los Angeles. When that timer hits zero, a tank full of piranhas will fall from above.

  • A lady has to have handcuffs.

  • Oh, she's serious. She can't get up!

I'm going to flip through this deck.


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