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My name is Adnan, and I've been learning Mandarin inside school.
I want to be into banking because there's lots of money.
Maybe I can get lots of deals by talking to Chinese people.
We're not learning something that we're used to, and it's not like anything we've ever done before.
We're just used to doing like English and maths, but now we're going to learn a completely new language.
It's actually really unique, it's really interesting, and it's, uh, fun to do.
You become more confident as a person being able to communicate with others.
I think Spanish i(s) really useful because 40-plus countries speak Spanish, so I think business wise it's gonna be helpful in the future.
Maths and English, it's more like write in your books and look at the board, but here we get to interact.
I've been teaching my parents.
My teacher Miss Smith started to teach us French.
From learning French I learned German; from being in Germany I found out about Hamilton Theater, and here I am today talking to you about learning languages having had a career that's gone on for 40 years now.
Languages for me are about opening the world up.
It gives you another soul, it gives you another person, and, you know, the world became more mine.
When you go on a holiday, people just talk in languages that you can't even understand a word of, but since I'm learning Mandarin, well, hopefully I can actually understand what they're saying.
If I can meet people at this age and be able to talk to him in a different language, then what can I do when I may be a couple years older?
Merci beaucoup Mademoiselle Smith!
Thank you Miss Lee Oh.
Xièxiè Fan lao shi.
Merci beaucoup miss Babur!
Gracias Professor Raskoschnitzka.
Xièxiè Fan lao shi.


このイギリスの子供たちが外国語の勉強が好きな理由(Why these UK school kids love learning languages)

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