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  • it is when the soccer I begin to bloom that we know.

  • The winter is over and spring has finally begun to celebrate.

  • In Japan, we often make a point of venturing outdoors and having picnics under secretaries with friends and co workers in what is known as economy or flower.

  • If you're visiting a major economy location, you're likely to find food stalls lining the park's perimeter as well.

  • If this is your first time in Japan, choosing what to eat from a food stall can be a bit of a challenge, if not a little overwhelming.

  • Here are the few common staples you'll find out food stalls during major events in Japan.

  • Grilled squid on a stick for Chiaki is one of the most popular festival foods in Japan.

  • It's a little fishy, a little chewy, but the sauce is like super sweet, so we have to be careful when you eat it, because it could, like make your teeth turn like really black because of the sauce and like charcoal left on squid makes very interesting snack.

  • In other parts of Japan, this one is called Don Dona Key, but here in Chicago, we call it passion But this is fashion, and fashion is very similar to open on Jackie, except it's wrapped around chopsticks, basically a savoury pancakes like cabbage as ginger.

  • And I'm actually not sure what's in this one, I think, he said, egg and cheese.

  • So it's got mayonnaise on top.

  • Let's see how it so it is actually one of my favorite length.

  • I think, to get food stalls is so true, and if you have a sweet tooth like me, you're likely to get pulled in by the fruit summit or candied fruit.

  • You can find anything from grapes, mangos, kiwis, but the most common fruits are the lingo Amit candied apples or itchy go army candied strawberries, a warning from an experience consumer, though, choose your flavor wisely.

  • These candied fruits will die.

  • Your tongue wake up.

  • Another really popular food and Kyushu at least, is Komaki only meeting at festivals.

  • They're usually either sold as balls or on stage.

  • This year is Maki Maki on a giddy and I know what it was like, but it's not that Grow up, Um, come up.

  • Jonny G is exactly word for word as its trendless translated meat wrapped rice ball, so when you take a bite inside, exactly as you would expect.

  • Rice in the middle meet on the outside.

  • Another festival favorite is yakitori or skewered chicken.

  • You'll usually have a choice of seasonings between shield salt or cut it sauce.

  • Ironically, the most popular yakitori is actually Buddha Barra, which isn't chicken at all, but actually pork belly.

  • And finally, who Cocoa's very own specialty food and one that I definitely recommend to Anyone who finds it is made by monkey crispy girl hot cakes with bean paste on the inside.

  • They're perfect for spring when the day's still aren't quite warm enough.

  • My dad actually really likes these, and now every time I buy one, I'm reminded of him.

  • So that's my quick guide of some of the foods that you're likely to find at festivals.

  • Have you tried any?

  • What are your favorites?

  • Is there anything else you'd recommend?

it is when the soccer I begin to bloom that we know.


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WHAT TO EAT: Festival Edition! 祭り屋台のオススメな食べ物紹介! (WHAT TO EAT: Festival Edition! 祭り屋台のオススメな食べ物紹介!)

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