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  • is that?

  • How long does the average V A R.

  • Decision take?

  • So you lads, how long does Prince Andrew have to stay at someone's house to tell them he's not friends with them anymore?

  • How long did my French hip hop group rapper Toohey last?

  • Oh, I want to see that you see Dewey, is it?

  • What is the average journey time from Guilford to London on Southwest Railways?

  • Is it?

  • How long do I live?

  • Rent free in a London office just by purchasing a delivery jacket.

  • But all I've done for that I don't even know if I'll be writing the lyrics of the repertory.

  • Sounds just a rapid TUI booth happened in by your lack of French knowledge.

  • Hit a very big wall.

  • Eight words time Super booby, I think.

  • Eyes it.

  • How many days on a pound land advent calendar, extra stuff.

  • A problem.

  • Know about pound?

  • That's actually very good shop, I'd say very handy.

  • Well, I once bought some clippers there for my head, and it literally rip the skin off you.

  • No, Listen, Julia, if you're to appear more attractive, how should you pose with your cock out?

  • I'd like to say it's much more attractive when he's eating.

  • Wait.

  • Oh, welcome to the salon.

  • Yes, we've actually got a special on for walkies.

  • Yes, overdoing a waxing.

  • It's for your Chewbacca, Sacha and cracker.

  • Great.

  • You know you should do during the Star Wars way Very well.

  • I like to hear.

  • In other news, what have scientists said It's safe to do up to 25 times a day.

  • Makes me what I think it is.

  • One of the way almost and writhe points go to me for writing an excellent rap.

  • Let's go, Samar Victoire don't know Rap songs live Watch Doniphon!

  • ETA regard Anwar ate a Mayor Panetta on down.

  • So it was that pencil new to shape out my mass fund on Theo.

  • The answer is 10 minutes.

  • What is the question?

  • Is it the average length of a woman's orgasm?

  • If you're doing it right?

  • Yeah.

  • Now you tell me who's bringing down that average theme Next topic.

  • I wonder who's gonna come in on this one.

  • Race the microphone, the next up against unlikely lines from a Star Wars movie you get.

  • We're doing a special for for me.

  • I dying just failed to fly it out front with news.

  • Who would have to fly this week?

  • Wait, hold on.

  • All right, all right, all right.

  • Don't.

  • I'm gonna do it before, before you.

  • Before you decide.

  • Just check this out on the radio, say, for us.

  • Who's afraid on the sack?

  • Crack a second, actually, if we're on the topic of science, which I think we are way.

  • Is it your your your science?

  • Is it true that we've only ever seen giraffes when they're aroused?

  • And if they're not arouse, they just look like a horse thief.

  • Yes.

  • We've got a special actually on at the salon today.

  • Yes, for work is yes, it's Ah, Waxer for your Chewbacca, Sacha and Cracker.

  • That was Tom Allen with Jet eye for the straight guy.

is that?


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