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  • So what we like and of there that's 1/4 section of the Falcon nine 17 foot diameter bearing its 70.

  • But damn it, obviously on 50 feet.

  • Long escape taking the largest satellites in the world, and you could actually looks, well, fit a city bus in that faring.

  • It's that big.

  • That's that's just 1/4 section of it.

  • It's made of carbon fiber.

  • It's very lightweight and used the most advanced analytical techniques to optimize the match.

  • So it's actually, I believe, the lightest, lightest weight bearing of its kind as well.

  • What we're looking at here is the Dragon Spacecraft pressure vessel, so it's almost done way.

  • Just need thio forward and aft bulkheads actually upside down right now so you can see the main hatch from the Windows three.

  • Actual come in both the mechanism where both to the space station is right there.

  • Ordinarily be the other way around.

  • And this is an actual flight Fidelity article that's gonna go through qualification testing.

  • This area's is dedicated to our Dragon spacecraft assembly, so you see there's tools that's for a heat shield, making a composite parts of the heat shield.

  • Um, there's a part of the sides with side shields and the nose cone.

  • That's that's That's the engineering test article had 50 injuring Pathfinder for our heat shield for Dragon, which is very advanced material called the phenolic impregnated Carbon of Later, which is really the best he Children here you could possibly have.

  • This is our injuring test article about Dragon spacecraft.

  • So it's not like Fidelity, the product we saw earlier with the welded piece that's actually five lt.

  • But this was uses an injuring Pathfinder to figure out how we might make dragon, and she has been very useful on the right.

  • There is a is a space station berthing mechanism ring that's an actual ring that will make to the space station.

  • There's another one on the dragon itself.

  • Although the guide vanes don't on present pieces like a windows and pushers and eventual nuts and the's air structural bulkheads structure reinforcing bulkheads, that's the little model we used to determine splash downloading.

  • So here we are, in East High Base, with two very large high base in the east one right now, the east high vase used for Falcon nine stage construction, and it's also generally used for storage, which is why you see various bits and pieces behind me.

  • This area under the high vase used for Falcon nine tank fabrication so you can see behind me various barrel sections for copy.

  • Nine.

  • That's actually serial number two that completed tanks.

  • You will have to call 9 to 1 of the ones on the test stand in Texas on the serial number three is in a barrel sections on the floor on We're getting ready to well together those barrel sections and create out food tank, which would actually the first flight tank.

  • So the first one's run tank, Second one's provocation tank and the 3rd 1 will see Flight.

  • That's a Falcon one second stage, both former.

  • So that's a classic boats forming tool that's used to take too well.

  • The cones of typical refractory metal like Colombian happening Galloway on Belgian it to around contour, which is the option minus contrary for maximizing the efficiency of rocket thrust.

  • This cleaner here is also climate control, particular controlled, and it's and it's currently useful propulsion components as well as temporarily.

  • It's used to do a composite lay up so that giant tool you see there is the manual that's used to create the composite parts for Falcon nine.

  • So it creates the the interest age dragon trunk section and the propulsion section skirts.

  • Anything that's a bloody diamond.

  • Your top a diamond center gold part on, um, that will be moved over to the actual composites area when we have that compartment preparation room down, we should be in this area is where we do a lot of the Falcon.

  • One structural assembly.

  • So behind me, that's that's a falcon 1/2 section of a nose cone.

  • That's the tool on which the nose cones are made.

  • That's what That avionics a payload adapter cone.

  • That's another play with that cone.

  • That's a manual for the the Falcon One Interest Age, which is similar to the Falcon nine interest Agent Tactical Canine Interstates.

  • Just a scaled up version of the Falcon one interest Agent.

  • This is a battle section called Falcon One.

  • Flight five.

  • So, a flight three on the island, a question that's all ready for launch, almost ready for launch for is gonna be right behind that door.

  • Won't shut about Cripple wants time.

  • And then it's just like Clive, which will roll into sometime in the first half of next year.

  • Now we will let customers that are just in that you expect to do deal in that pretty soon.

  • And this air is also used for composites fabrication.

  • So we've got a big oven there.

  • She's used to big parts of a small oven for smaller parts we're looking at.

  • Here is a Falcon one upper stage so you can see the engine and actuators.

  • Well, that's coming for the attitude control system.

  • Well, actually, hold the pressure and bottles.

  • There's a lot more stuff that goes in the back there.

  • You can see the tank and the little scoot back that holds a lot of the structure that's for flight for, and then the Flight five unit is right there behind it.

  • With so much stuff done it yet.

  • This is a hostile snack section.

  • Um, we offer people were kids, get free snacks and drink, which is kind of a common thing.

  • And if that world but well, it's unusual in the space world on dhe people working late and then they need a snack or something.

  • They should have one readily available.

  • Well, thanks for calling me on the tour that that was just space 64 phone.

  • That's actually a lot more other Space X facilities with a big test site in Texas.

  • We gotta test a launch pad.

  • It Cabral much island in the questioning at all on Dhe, we're looking for great people, whole kinds to join.

  • The company's so interested please send is resting.

So what we like and of there that's 1/4 section of the Falcon nine 17 foot diameter bearing its 70.


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