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  • - Hello, Sal here from Khan Academy.

  • So when you hear the word meditation,

  • for many of y'all, it might evoke some type of

  • new age thing that has nothing to do

  • with standardize tests.

  • And if you're about to take a standardize test,

  • I'm sure there's many thoughts about

  • am I prepared, am I going to do well,

  • I hope I don't bomb the exam.

  • That stress and that anxiety

  • is, if anything, going to hurt your performance

  • on these things that you wanna do well.

  • And so, meditation is a way to help still that.

  • But it's really just for you to observe your thoughts,

  • not get stressed out about it if your thoughts start

  • to wander, but then just bring them back

  • and try to not think.

  • Or think about just very positive thoughts.

  • I think if you do that you're gonna find you're gonna be

  • happier, you're gonna be more positive,

  • all sorts of positive energy is going to be attracted

  • to you, and, even though that's not the most important

  • thing in the world, you'll do just fine on these tests

  • that right now you might be worrying about.

- Hello, Sal here from Khan Academy.


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試験前の不安を軽減するための瞑想の紹介 (Introduction to meditation to reduce test prep anxiety)

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