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  • What's up guys, hope you're doing well.

  • I'm in a different location because I wanted to do something a little different today.

  • I want to talk about where I've been and where I'm going.

  • So this is my 2012 year in review.

  • In 2012, I accomplished a lot on YouTube.

  • And even though I joined YouTube in 2006, I really didn't start making videos until

  • little over a year ago.

  • During 2012, my videos have been featured on the Huffington Post.

  • I've been interviewed on NBATV.

  • This year alone, three of my videos were on the Today Show.

  • But it's important to note that on January 29th I only had 1,000 subscribers and I wasn't

  • even a partner.

  • I wasn't getting paid to do any of this.

  • I was just doing it for fun.

  • But that's really the reason I started making videos: for funnot to get rich and famous,

  • it's just because I wanted to have a voiceto say whatever DAHECK I wanted to say.

  • On February 24th, I was fortunate to have a viral video, my most successful video to

  • date: Top 100 First World Problems.

  • This video led directly to me becoming a full time partner on YouTube.

  • I got an email asking me if I wanted to be a partner.

  • And it was just amazing.

  • It was amazing because it just felt like someone validated what I was doing.

  • As the year progressed, I kept learning.

  • I kept looking at other YouTubers, picking up little things that they would do.

  • When does the music come in?

  • When does it fade out?

  • How many cutaways do they have?

  • How many songs did they use?

  • And, someehow between all of this, I was able to develop my own style: the Scooter Magruder

  • style.

  • I started making my own different types of series: Top 100 videos, Stuff Fans Say, Not

  • About That Life.

  • And I guess some people liked it because on May 1st I reached over 10,000 subscribers.

  • That was a pretty big thing to me.

  • At that point, you really couldn't say anything to me.

  • I would just slap you.

  • Exactly one week after that, I was announced as YouTube Next Vlogger.

  • Basically, I entered a competition put on by YouTube and out of thousands of people

  • that applied worldwide, not just in the US, I was selected as one of sixteen Next Vloggers.

  • This remains the single biggest achievement for me in 2012.

  • Through Google+ Hangouts we got mentorship by some of the top YouTubers: WhatTheBuck,

  • Natalie Tran from Community Channel, and iJustine.

  • I told iJustine to follow me on Twitter.

  • I'm not lying.

  • She didn't do it, but I still told her.

  • We received advertisepromotion.

  • Advertisinal?

  • Advertisment.

  • We received promotion on YouTube and video equipment as well.

  • In fact, this video (camera) and the lighting for this video YouTube gave to me as part

  • of that program.

  • And it opened up so many doors for me.

  • I was able to meet 15 other people who were really passionate about making videos.

  • And to this day, I remain good friends with some of them.

  • Some of them you may even recognize from being in some of my videos.

  • But most importantly, it was as if someone looked at all my hard work and just said:

  • You know what, I agree with what you're doing.

  • I see your hard work and here's the payout.”

  • And it was just amazing!

  • A couple months after the YouTube Next Vlogger program, I reached 25,000 subscribers on YouTube.

  • And as of December 30th 2012, I have over 40,000 subscribers.

  • And to each and every one of you who support me, I would just like to say:

  • Thank you.

  • Whether you've ever shared a video on Facebook, whether you've ever retweeted me, or even

  • sent me a suggestion for another video, you don't really understand how far those things

  • go these days.

  • But as for what you can expect for next year, I got a lot of Top 100 videos planned, I finally

  • got the format for the Not About That Life figured out, and I will be replacing Stuff

  • Fans Say with a new series that I think everyone will love called Magruder Mobile.

  • Yes, it's about to get real.

  • I'm not playing.

  • There's so many more things that I left out that know I could tell you but I'm not

  • trying to make a documentary.

  • 2012 was a good year and, lord willing, 2013 will be even better.

  • New videos every Sunday.

  • No Jugamos Juegos.

  • Throw me the alley.

What's up guys, hope you're doing well.


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スクーター・マグルーダー:2012年の振り返り (Scooter Magruder: 2012 Year in Review)

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